IMG_0803If you don’t know what attraction marketing is, you need to learn it yesterday!  It’s a newer term that refers to a strategy that entices your ideal customers to come to you, asking you to take their business rather than you chasing them down, begging them to give you business. It really is that simple – at least in theory. Exactly HOW to apply attraction marketing isn’t all that simple, but when it’s done right it’s a gold mine! My friend Dustin is quickly becoming my go-to guy when it comes to learning new ways to practice this powerful attractional approach, so I thought I’d have him on the podcast (again) to unpack the goods when it comes to building a killer, attractional agent website.

When you chase your customers they tend to run away from you. So, STOP IT!

The old style of marketing was to blanket a neighborhood, city, or region with your fliers, ads, and radio spots. The idea was that if you put your face in front of enough people they can’t help but know who you are. I get that kind of approach but the problem is that the world we live in has changed. People have become more jaded and cynical when it comes to a business person trying to sell them something, so they don’t pay attention to those ads like they used to. So instead of chasing down your ideal customers in that way, why not attract them by providing incredible value to them up front? On this episode of The Onion Juice Podcast, my friend Dustin is with me to unpack how attractional marketing has been working for him through his website – Search Salt Lake. It’s a great example of providing very real and powerful resources to the exact people you want to serve. You’ll learn a lot from Dustin’s example and enthusiasm on this episode.

You need to get good at something worth getting good at.

That’s what my friend Dustin says – and I agree with him. And in this day and age, something that you definitely need to get good at is attraction marketing. On this episode, Dustin and I dismantle the old ideas of what makes a great real estate agent website and show you why you need to consider your website to be more than an online billboard. It’s much more than that if you will dedicate yourself to becoming the best in your city at providing value to your ideal customers THROUGH your website. Find out exactly what we mean by that on this episode.

Attraction marketing means providing great resources to those you want to serve.

Imagine that you were considering a move to my city, Madison, Wisconsin. Maybe your company is moving you, or you decide to come enjoy the tropical breezes Madison is famous for (cough, cough). What types of things might you search on Google to find out if Madison is indeed the place for you? Those exact phrases are the ones I need to research so that I can come onto your radar screen as a resource for your move to Madison. And it’s not even about real estate yet because if I can help you find out about setting up your utilities, or what the academics of the local school systems are like, I’m able to show you upfront how much help I can be to you – which attracts you to me when it comes to finding a home. Do you get it? Attraction marketing means that I give you great resources in order to prove my worth to you. Find out how you can apply the same approach to your business, on this episode.

The most successful articles on your website may not be real estate related.

Of course, you can write articles to post on your website that cover important and needed real estate topics. You’re the expert on real estate in your city so you definitely should provide those kinds of resources. But what about the other important things that people moving to or living in your city need to know? What might happen if you provide the answers to those questions in addition to providing real estate advice? You’ll not only be seen as the local real estate go-to gal (or guy), you’ll also be seen as a great human being who is eager to help anybody whether it benefits you or not. That’s the kind of person everybody wants to work with, right? This episode is so full of great information about how you can build an attraction marketing model in your real estate business that I can hardly contain myself. You’ve got to hear it.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:44] Why I’m super stoked for you to hear this episode about websites, with my friend Dustin.
  • [4:37] Why Dustin is a great example of what blogging can do for you.
  • [6:20] How Dustin got started in Real Estate and got the idea to start attraction marketing.
  • [9:25] Why you get what you pay for when it comes to websites.
  • [12:12] What Dustin loves about his Easy Agent Pro website.
  • [15:10] The importance of landing pages inside the platform.
  • [18:05] The Moving to Salt Lake City blog post and Dustin’s strategy behind it.
  • [21:16] How Dustin used Facebook ads to target marketing to those moving to Salt Lake.
  • [24:49] A basic understanding of keywords and how they work – and how Dustin researches them.
  • [32:10] Dustin’s strategy for finding topics and writing articles.
  • [38:55] The biggest mistakes agents are making with their websites.

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