The Future of Real Estate Technology and How NOT to Get Left Behind – Episode 45

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We’re about to send you back to the future! (I had to say that, sorry). That’s because I’m fired up to talk to you about Real Estate Technology on this episode of the podcast. And it’s not the type of technology you might be thinking of when I say that phrase. Yes, we all love our computerized MLS listings and such, but with the rise of social media and more and more changes happening every day, there’s a whole lot more that can be considered real estate technology than there used to be. On this episode I’m going to talk about what’s coming down the pike in terms of how real estate business technologies are changing and what we can do to keep up with the changes so our business doesn’t decline or get left behind. Real estate technology is NOT what you think.   There are all kinds of existing real estate tech tools…

5 Listing Presentation Mistakes that Lose the Listing – Episode #44

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As a real estate agent your listing presentation is one of the most important things you do. It’s where you truly “make the sale” with your prospective client. It’s where you make a personal connection that engenders trust. That means you have to do it well. No – you have to do it incredibly, amazingly, stupendously well. How do you do that? You’ve got to get my video demonstration to see how I’ve successfully done it throughout my career. But you also want to avoid the mistakes that I see over and over in the listing appointments that agents present to their prospective clients. Today I’m covering those mistakes. Avoid these.   Make your first call with a prospect SSS: Short and Sweet, Stupid.   When I was trained on how to receive a call from an interested prospect I was given a list of 20 questions (maybe not 20, but it feels like it)…

3 Steps To Enable You To Dream Big And Achieve Big – Episode #43

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Somebody once said that if your dream doesn’t have specific goals attached to it, then it’s nothing more than wishful thinking.  My belief is that as human beings we have the ability to do 10, 50, or 100 times more than what we are currently doing – and it’s not about killing yourself with more work. So, this is not a “hustle” episode, it’s about accomplishing more by aligning your vision, by being consistent in the things you want and the activity you’re doing to get to that dream. It has a lot to do with mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs, and actively moving toward your dream in purposeful steps. If you take the time to listen to this one, you’re going to go away powerfully equipped to do more toward accomplishing your dreams.   You’ll never amount to anything if you don’t dare to dream!   It’s a simple principle of the way things work….

I Am 100% Responsible For My Results, and YOU Are 100% Responsible For Yours – Episode 42

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Welcome to the Onion Juice podcast – where we’re tired of drinking the same old orange juice the real estate industry has been drinking for so many years… we’re tired because it simply doesn’t do anything for us. We’re ready to shake things up and take over the industry by entering into the culture in a way that truly cares for people and makes an impact in their lives – even if it means we don’t get the sale. This episode – oh man – this episode is one I’ve been stewing on for quite a while because it’s taken me a bit to get my head and heart around it. It’s about taking 100% responsibility – yep, you hear me – 100% responsibility for every aspect of my life and business. No more excuses, no more justifying, it’s all me. And I’m here to tell you today, it’s all you as well. Drop your…