I Am Fired Up About Connecting On LinkedIn! – Episode #144

I Am Fired Up About Connecting On LinkedIn! - Episode #44jpg

While the arrival of LinkedIn video last year felt like a case of ‘thanks for finally joining us’, it means marketers can now post native LinkedIn videos up to 10 minutes long. The network’s algorithm promotes these videos over other content types, as research shows that video posts are shared 20x more than any other content! 75% of business execs watch work-related videos each week, presenting a market ripe for mobilization. This potential has already led savvy marketers to create mobile-optimized video content that promotes enterprise! On this Episode, I will share how I am using LinkedIn, and what type of content I will be sharing in upcoming weeks! A year ago, I said LinkedIn was not even social media…Now I think it’s the social platform of the year! A year ago, I declared that LinkedIn was just a large database, not really social media. Today, I am changing my tune. In fact, I believe…



What do you do to stay in touch with your past clients and SOI (sphere of influence)? This is called being “Top of Mind.” This is what most business owners want. They want to be Top of Mind with people that need their services either right now or in the future. If you have been around the OJ for awhile, this concept might sound familiar…and you would be right! Today, I am re-squeezing episode #18, to both update some of the concepts I talked about, and show how, more than ever, being top of mind is super important for any real estate agent. Searchable vs. social content In recent episodes, I have talked a lot about social vs. searchable content. As it turns out, I was dancing around this concept back in January of 2016 (episode 18), I just didn’t define it as clearly then. If you are posting every video to the same places…

Get outta the clouds and into the dirt – Episode #142

My question for you today is this: are you living in the clouds, or living in the dirt? To be honest, I see a lot of real estate agents who spend most of their time in the clouds, and not enough time in the dirt. On this awesome Onion Juice episode, I encourage you to get dirty, build real relationships, not just connections, and implore you to abandon the word “rededicate.” Up, up, and away The clouds represent that fun place in your business where you are planning, dreaming, envisioning a prosperous future, and endless good ideas. The clouds mean a clear plan. If you are just starting out, the clouds can be a fun place to hangout. When I am coaching new agents, we start up in the clouds…we figure out a strategy, play on your strengths, dream a little and plan a lot. We start in the clouds, but we don’t stay there….