My question for you today is this: are you living in the clouds, or living in the dirt? To be honest, I see a lot of real estate agents who spend most of their time in the clouds, and not enough time in the dirt. On this awesome Onion Juice episode, I encourage you to get dirty, build real relationships, not just connections, and implore you to abandon the word “rededicate.”

Up, up, and away

The clouds represent that fun place in your business where you are planning, dreaming, envisioning a prosperous future, and endless good ideas. The clouds mean a clear plan. If you are just starting out, the clouds can be a fun place to hangout. When I am coaching new agents, we start up in the clouds…we figure out a strategy, play on your strengths, dream a little and plan a lot. We start in the clouds, but we don’t stay there.

Playing in the dirt

The dirt represents the possibly tedious, redundant tasks that ACTUALLY grow your business. Phone calls, knocking on doors, reaching out to your email list, creating new content…this does not mean tweaking your logo to perfection…honestly, your logo doesn’t matter. Your brand is insignificant to the amount of time you need to spend in the dirt working. For established agents, sometimes they spend too much time here, and need to spend more time in the clouds. You may have built your business on just hard work, but you are lacking a plan that will sustain you long term.

Build real relationships, not just connections

Chances are, you have a ton of followers on social media and hopefully a solid email list. You reach out to a lot of these people, a few messages, comment on their content, etc. You might even see them in person and exchange a quick hello. These are connections, not relationships. Relationships are built when you spend time with people in order to get to know them. You share a meal, or coffee, you know their family and what matters to them…they would bail you out of prison…I encourage you to spend time building real relationships. They will ultimately sustain you, and those will be the people that you do life with, not just real estate transactions.

A commitment moves you forward

I recently heard an interesting take on the word “Re-dedicate,” and it got me thinking about how often I hear people say they are going to rededicate themselves to work or a project or goal. This does not make sense to me. If you are going to “rededicate” yourself to a project in the future, what you are actually communicating is that you have no dedication at this exact moment. A commitment is now. There is no”Re-dedicating” yourself, there is simply dedication and commitment right now.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] Let me help you decide where you should be spending more of your time
  • [1:20] Are you living in the clouds or the dirt?
  • [3:45] Clouds mean a clear plan – soundbox coaching
  • [5:35] The established agent might be opening too much time in the dirt
  • [7:20] How to get dirty
  • [7:50] How much time are you spending in the clouds?
  • [8:30] You are your brand
  • [9:25] Working in a vision vs working in your needs
  • [10:20] Rededicate doesn’t make sense – a commitment is now
  • [11:50] Connections vs relationships

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