While the arrival of LinkedIn video last year felt like a case of ‘thanks for finally joining us’, it means marketers can now post native LinkedIn videos up to 10 minutes long. The network’s algorithm promotes these videos over other content types, as research shows that video posts are shared 20x more than any other content! 75% of business execs watch work-related videos each week, presenting a market ripe for mobilization. This potential has already led savvy marketers to create mobile-optimized video content that promotes enterprise! On this Episode, I will share how I am using LinkedIn, and what type of content I will be sharing in upcoming weeks!

A year ago, I said LinkedIn was not even social media…Now I think it’s the social platform of the year!

A year ago, I declared that LinkedIn was just a large database, not really social media. Today, I am changing my tune. In fact, I believe that LinkedIn is the social network of the year! There is so much happening on this platform, so I am declaring that it’s time to get on this train! Stay tuned, I will explain…


There is a trending hashtag and content sharing movement happening on LinkedIn called the #TenTipsTenDays. For 10 days, influencers are posting a short video that contains tips and best practices for their niche. Not surprisingly, this is attracting the attention of tons of followers! I decided to start my own #TenTipsTenDays for all of you agents out there in the OJ nation. I will be creating content for working according to a vision vs. needs, efforts or results, no one relates to your perfection, social vs. searchable content, cheese and whiskers, developing a clear plan, the disease to please, getting connected in madison, and comfort is the enemy of progress, to name a few!

Becoming an Influencer

As of right now, only the top 1% of people on Linked in are creating and sharing video content. This means that there is a huge opportunity to grow, connect and establish yourself as an expert! To give you an idea of the potential, right now, LinkedIn looks like Youtube in 2006…let that sink in, then start creating!

LinkedIn Local

I was recently asked to be on a panel for a LinkedIn Local event, which is hilarious because just over a year ago, I declared that LinkedIn was not a social platform. This event was an amazing opportunity to connect to other business professionals from Madison! Besides helping to establish my credibility as a realtor, the fact that were were all present made it easier to blind follow other people’s profiles. If you don’t have a LinkedIn local where you live, you should start one! If you have questions, reach out, I would love to show you what we did here in Madison!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:15] LinkedIn is the social Media platform of the year!
  • [3:45] #TenTipsTenDays
  • [5:00] You should go to a LinkedIn Local!
  • [7:50] If you create content on LinkedIn, you will be in the top 1%!
  • [9:40] As we create more content, you will automatically become an influencer
  • [16:00] My 10 Tips
  • [18:00] Vulnerability leads to connection
  • [20:00] LinkedIn looks like YouTube in 2006…a wide open space for you to connect and create!

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