What do you do to stay in touch with your past clients and SOI (sphere of influence)? This is called being “Top of Mind.” This is what most business owners want. They want to be Top of Mind with people that need their services either right now or in the future. If you have been around the OJ for awhile, this concept might sound familiar…and you would be right! Today, I am re-squeezing episode #18, to both update some of the concepts I talked about, and show how, more than ever, being top of mind is super important for any real estate agent.

Searchable vs. social content

In recent episodes, I have talked a lot about social vs. searchable content. As it turns out, I was dancing around this concept back in January of 2016 (episode 18), I just didn’t define it as clearly then. If you are posting every video to the same places (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube), you will notice a discrepancy across channels when you look at the view statistics. Market reports don’t belong on Facebook, people will get bored and leave. There are people are searching for tips and advice from agents, and they are using keywords to do it, so start categorizing your YouTube channel to make it easier for them to find you! For more on this concept, check out past episodes where I interview Karin Carr (OJ 131) and TJ Kelly (OJ 132) on this subject!

You need all three pillars: Your sphere of influence, chase AND attract

Back in 2016, I touched on the idea that you should be attracting people to your business through social media. While this has not changed, I know for a fact that if you only focus on the attraction pillar and neglect the sphere of influence or the chase, you will starve. Depending on the avenue you are using to attract business, it may take longer before you start to see results. Radio advertisers, for example, say it takes 12-18 months before clients start responding to your ads. For me personally, I use the I Love Madison Show as my attract pillar. As of right now, that show is not paying the bills. My open houses, newsletter, and grinding are paying the bills, but people are starting to recognize my team and I around Madison. I am confident that will eventually turn into a stream of business. For now, Caleb Jahr and I will keep highlighting amazing places around the city, we will keep Vlogging and keep connecting people.

Attention and trust

Two years ago, I said “You’ll get their attention not only by what you share (posts, images, podcasts, etc.) but also through HOW YOU ENGAGE with them. When you come across as a real person, then you’re going to be much more successful at getting people to feel that they know, like, and trust you.” I think that content is still fresh! You get do lots of things to get people’s attention…you can light yourself on fire and stand in the middle of the street, and that will garnish you some attention, but people will not trust you…the best way to gain trust is to be authentic in every interaction you have with a client, whether its in-person or online. Authenticity builds trust. When a client is considering a house, it is one of the biggest and most important decisions they will ever make, and they will not work with someone they don’t trust.

Work within your vision

One of the main reasons I launched the I Love Madison show was to help trailing spouses get connected here in Madison. Last night, I had the chance to speak at an event called Disrupt Madison where I talked about the trailing spouse. Afterward, several people came up to me to say “I had no idea I was the trailing spouse, thank you for that presentation.” Why do I share this? Not to toot my own horn, but to talk about the importance of operating INSIDE of a vision, supported by your “WHY.” As a real estate agent, you will communicate all sorts of things to your clients, but all of that communication should flow from a crystal-clear vision of what you are trying to accomplish. When you are consistent with that vision, people will start to notice.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] Today, we are re-squeezing episode 18!
  • [2:15] What it takes to be top of mind with our clients
  • [3:30] Searchable vs. Social content
  • [6:45] You need all three pillars: Your sphere of influence, chase AND attract
  • [8:45] Attention and trust: We have to get their attention, then earn their trust
  • [12:00] The show within the show: Leveraging one platform to promote another.
  • [14:45] People love talking about food…you should be too!
  • [20:00] Your WHY is very important

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