Ep 59 Album coverIf you want to know how to build confidence, you’re not alone. Many new real estate agents step into the business and within weeks (or even days) their heads are spinning. Laws, regulations, paperwork, listing presentations, FSBOs – the things to confuse and overwhelm you are many. And all of those new things can cause your personal confidence to take a hit. On this episode, I’m covering the issue of confidence for all of you who need help building it up. In fact, I’ve got 5 different things I want you to consider when it comes to building up your own confidence as an agent.

To be a successful real estate agent, create a wise, clear plan to follow.

Bright, shiny new things come at us every day as real estate agents. You don’t want to be a person who bounces from one new thing to another believing that the next thing is going to be the thing that makes all the difference. Sure, you can consider all those things but you have to come to the point that you make a decision about the path you are going to follow. Once you’ve carefully decided on a plan that fits you, on that you are confident will work for you, you’ve to start implementing it and stick with it over the long haul. On this episode, I’m reiterating the power of a clear plan as it relates to your confidence as an agent.

Results may come slow – but they WILL COME if you stick to your plan.

Too often new agents only notice their lack of results and become discouraged. If that’s you, you’ve got to understand that anything you build from the ground up is going to build slowly at first, with little signs that progress is really happening. Think of it like a construction project. Most of the work at first is going on underground, on a foundational level, where you can’t really see it. It’s only weeks later when the foundation is set that you’re able to see walls going up – when it begins to look like a real house. Your business will be the same way, so starting out as a real estate agent don’t let yourself get too caught up in the lack of results you may be seeing. Stick to the action steps within your business plan knowing that in time it will pay off. I’ve got more tips like this one to share regarding how you can build up your confidence, on this episode.

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it won’t bring success.

It’s a natural thing when you’re new to the real estate industry to imitate the things that successful agents around you are doing. The problem is this: you are not them. They may have unique perspectives or talents, specialized skills they’ve developed over many years, or a different personality that makes what they are doing a success for them. You’ve got to learn who you are – what your strengths are – so that you can major in your areas of strength. If that sounds like wishful thinking to you I’m going to explain exactly how you can do that in this episode, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Why I think some new agents need to move to another company.

As I’ve paid my dues in the real estate business and studied what it takes to build and lead great teams of agents I’ve discovered that there are two kinds of leaders – those who lead like a hammer and those who lead with the heart. Some bang away at the people they are leading, pushing, driving, even intimidating them into performance. But others lead with the heart, finding out how to best direct each person under their leadership to help them maximize their strengths. If you are discouraged and don’t feel confident as an agent it’s possible that you need to find a different kind of leader, one who can bring out the best in you instead of hammering on you because you’re not a certain way they think is best. I explain more about this idea on this episode of The Onion Juice podcast.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] My welcome to you and an introduction to this episode on CONFIDENCE.
  • [2:19] You questions needed for next week’s JUICE BAR.
  • [4:46] 5 Ways to build up your confidence as a new real estate agent.
  • [6:20] The power of having a clearly plan that you stay consistent with.
  • [8:32] Don’t focus on your results, focus on your tasks (in your plan).
  • [9:45] Work in the areas of your strengths instead of imitating others.
  • [12:40] Surround yourself with people who see your value and remind you of it.
  • [13:54] Figure out the kind of leader you need (hammer or heart)?
  • [19:02] I’d love to hear from you – please connect with me!

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