Ep 53 Album coverSocial media can be used in thousands of ways for thousands of business niches. But today I’ve got THE guy on who can help us understand the best ways to use social media for Realtors. Michael Meier is a broker/owner in New York City. NEW YORK CITY, JUICERS! He’s doing business in the Big Apple and making it happen in ways most of us can’t even imagine. He’s doing it by using social media to attract people to his real estate business. On this episode, I chat with Michael about all things social media and we spend a lot of time talking about how he uses Facebook Live and Snapchat to build a community that brings in business. It’s time for you to take your game higher, with Michael Meier (on fire).


Social media for realtors is not about pushing your listings.


You have inventory you need to move. I get that. But if you’re using social media to shout about the cool houses you have for sale and not building a community, you’re like the guy in the ring toss booth at the carnival who yells at every passerby. You’re irritating and obnoxious and most people are going to walk right by pretending they didn’t hear you. That’s not what you want. Today’s show is going to tweak your thinking about what it means to use social media to fuel your real estate business, and my friend Michael Meier (who I met through social media, by the way) is here to do the tweaking (No, not twerking. You don’t want to see Michael twerking).


Michael’s Snap-U-Cation episodes are a great example of what can be done.


My friend Michael Meier is killing it in his New York City real estate business. A big part of how he does it is by leveraging the power of online video to build a community that sees him as an expert in New York real estate. He does these segments on Snapchat he calls “Snap-U-Cation.” It’s education about real estate concepts that he presents in 5 snaps or less. That’s pretty short – but it’s also pretty powerful because people are able to get the concepts quickly and in an entertaining way. I’m telling you if you’ll take the time to learn from this guy you won’t be sorry you listened.


How to pivot from chasing clients to attracting them.


Michael Meier (my guest on this episode) admits that when you first get started as a realtor you need to do some chasing. You’ll need to build a network, insert yourself into the relationships and communities that already exist, and get some attention for yourself. But once you’ve got a base built it’s time to ramp up social media to become more effective at attracting clients. The people you’ve chased who are now in your network should (and often will) become some of the primary people who begin pushing you out to other people – through shares, likes, and comments on the content you’re sharing. You can hear how Michael suggests new agents make that pivot and turn up their social media game, on this episode of The Onion Juice Podcast.


Snapchat has helped Michael recruit, refer, and reel in new business.


When you don’t think of social media as a vehicle for blasting out every new listing and sales record and start thinking of it as a place to build community, amazing things begin to happen. Michael has been leveraging Snapchat to build a community centered around the topic of real estate in New York City and through it, he’s benefitted in some great ways. He’s found new agents for his office. He’s gotten referrals from Realtors in different parts of the country. He’s actually sold homes over Snapchat – and lots more. Get outside the box of your own thinking about social media by hearing how Michael does it, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:32] My introduction to this episode – and my thanks to you!
  • [3:50] Who is Michael Meier? (my guest today).
  • [7:05] How I met Michael and why I like what he’s doing on Facebook LIVE.
  • [8:19] The 3 one minute videos Michael has new agents create immediately.
  • [9:56] The temptation to wait until everything is perfect to make yourself known.
  • [11:46] How Michael chases clients initially but transitions to client attraction.
  • [16:44] What Snapchat has done for MIchael’s business and brand (and why you should be using it).
  • [21:28] Why more real estate agents need to get onto Snapchat now.
  • [26:14] What is Michael’s Snap-U-Cation?
  • [29:30] Effective ways Michael has seen agents use social media.
  • [34:25] Why the biggest barrier you have to doing video is yourself.
  • [36:45] Michael’s encouragement to agents who are not yet on the social media bandwagon.

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