ncrease Your Business Via Live Videos On Facebook with Shannon Milligan - Episode 73Creating live videos on Facebook is one of the newest media crazes that it seems like the whole world is jumping aboard. I FEEL IN MY GUT that there are so many possibilities to Facebook LIVE – and I’ve noticed one person in particular who is doing it incredibly well. Shannon Milligan is a person I first met on SnapChat about a year ago and is now doing an amazing live video show on Facebook every week where she gets incredible engagement and is actually building her business through the interactions she’s having there. You can hear Shannon’s first-hand account of what it’s been like to use live videos on Facebook, on this episode.


If you want better engagement, make it about your audience.


One of the things every real estate agent wants from their social media efforts is engagement. When people are interacting, asking questions, giving their feedback, you know you’ve created something that others are finding value in. Shannon’s advice for getting that kind of engagement? Make the things you do about your audience rather than about you or your real estate business. Shannon’s insights into how you can do that in practical ways are worth the time it will take you to listen to this episode, so be sure you listen.


Preparation enables you to make your content about your audience.


One of the most amazing things about what my guest Shannon is doing on her Facebook LIVE show is that she’s built an incredible amount of engagement with her audience. She intentionally plans for the engagement through the preparation she does and the results speak for themselves. Her focus is on finding things her audience actually WANTS to talk about so she is able to make the broadcast about her audience instead of about her. You’ll enjoy hearing what Shannon has to say and how her own vulnerability has fostered a great sense of trust among those who watch her Facebook video show.


You are always going to have people misunderstand you. Keep going anyway.


When Shannon Milligan began doing her Facebook LIVE show she had a family member who didn’t understand what she was doing. Part of Shannon’s show is that she grabs a drink of Rum or Bourbon and sits to chat with her friends via Facebook as they wind down for the day, together. The relative who contacted Shannon was afraid of what people might think about her since she was drinking LIVE on Facebook. Things got a bit testy and Shannon wound up having to block her connection with this relative on FB. Her advice: People are going to misunderstand you but you have to keep going anyway. You’ll hear a lot more from this gutsy gal about what it takes to succeed as a media company that happens to sell real estate, on this episode.


When you are attracting people who are like you, business is easier and more fun.


The main emphasis of the Onion Juice podcast is that we are working to attract people instead of spending all our time and energy chasing them down. My guest on this episode, Shannon Milligan is a pro at doing exactly that. She says that when you are attracting people they tend to be people who are a lot like you – and that makes doing business a lot more fun and everything seems to come easier. If that’s the kind of business you want to build Shannon is a great example for you to follow. You can get to know Shannon – and who knows, you might be a lot like her – on this episode of The Onion Juice Podcast.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] My introduction to Shannon Milligan and the Onion Juice podcast.
  • [4:02] SnapChat friends who have become colleagues.
  • [5:56] What Shannon’s Facebook LIVE show is and how it was born.
  • [7:46] How Shannon builds engagement in her videos: make it about THEM.
  • [10:57] Tips to help you get ready for your own Facebook LIVE show.
  • [12:35] What it takes to go LIVE on Facebook every week.
  • [13:46] The impact Shannon’s show has had on her business.
  • [18:16] Shannon’s Christmas videos and the impact they had.
  • [20:39] Dealing with the haters online.
  • [26:12] Shannon’s “School Is Closed” video.
  • [32:37] The advice Shannon gives to those who are timid about doing a live video show on Facebook.


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