Attraction Marketing Deep-Dive: What Is It, How To Do It - Episode 69It’s time to take a deep-dive. Do you have your oxygen tank? I’ve talked a lot about attracting business instead of chasing it on this podcast, but I realized that I haven’t gone deeply enough into the subject to tell you exactly what it might look like. So that’s what this episode is – my attraction marketing deep-dive where I’m going to tell you what attraction marketing is, why it’s much more effective than the old style marketing we’re used to, and how you can do it in a variety of ways. It’s an episode worth hearing so make sure you take the time.


Attraction marketing is a counterintuitive concept, but it really works. Really.


I was thinking this last week about the old-time television show or movie where the Mom puts her fresh-baked pie on the window sill to cool. The aroma of the delicious pie wafts through the neighborhood and the woman’s next door neighbor smells the pie and comes looking for it. With eyes bulging wide and mouth watering, he eats the entire pie right there at the window! When you think about marketing you need to be thinking about attracting people, just like the smell of that pie attracted the neighbor to the window. You’ve got to do things differently, in ways that draw people to you. That means the old-style “come look at my thing” type of marketing is out. On this episode, I’m going to give you quite a few examples of what attraction marketing could look like for you.


When you are vulnerable, people can relate to you. When you are perfect, they can’t.


I’ve done so many Snapchat videos with my hair messed up or my kids yelling in the background that I’ve lost count. I’m willing to put out videos like that even when circumstances are not ideal simply because I believe that people appreciate that I’m not afraid to let them see my real life, screaming kids and all. Vulnerability endears people to you. It enables them to believe that you are an everyday person just like them. And that attracts potential customers. On this episode, I tell the story about the time when I tripped on my shoelace when I was walking down the sidewalk with some buyers and the impact that story had in attracting even more clients. It’s a lesson in vulnerability that I hope you’ll take the time to hear.


Your art is the glue between you and your audience.


You probably don’t think of yourself as an artist. Not many people do. But I’m convinced that every one of us has art inside. What IS art? It’s nothing more than the expression of who you are in some visual, audio, or other way. And when you let the real you come out, in whatever way you choose, people will be attracted to that real-life person. That’s what you’ve got to do these days if you want to draw people to you instead of having to go chase them. Find out more as I take you on an attraction marketing deep-dive, on this episode.


Here are some ideas for how you can creatively attract new business.


If you’re drawing a blank when it comes to ideas that will attract new business, you are in luck! On this episode of The Onion Juice podcast, I list 20 or more ways that you could creatively put out your marketing message in forms that attract people instead of repelling them. Honestly, this stuff works and you won’t believe it until you try it. So grab a pencil and some paper and get ready to write down these great ideas so that you can sort through them, narrow down the options to ones that fit you, and then get to work attracting clients!


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:23] My intro to this episode and invitation to you to submit your questions.
  • [4:01] What is attraction marketing?
  • [4:50] The Cheese and Whiskers concept.
  • [7:03] How you can follow Gary V’s idea and document your day.
  • [11:19] The power of being vulnerable – and my story of being vulnerable.
  • [17:42] Tripping on my shoelace when I was with some buyers.
  • [20:02] The significance of sharing and documenting as you go.
  • [21:58] How it will help you to be an artist.
  • [28:06] Champion a cause publically in your community.
  • [


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