Behind the Curtain – How to build a media company, Episode 119

Behind the Curtain - How to Build A Media Company - Episode 119

The I Love Madison show is all about connecting people in the community, especially the “trailing spouses.” If you moved to Madison because your spouse took a new job, it can be very hard to make new friends or find people who share similar interests. I hope the show will help people build community, and highlight all of the amazing places around the city that Madison residents enjoy. Every week, my team will highlight a new meetup for you to explore, interview a Madison resident about their recent move and how they got connected, and feature a local influencer from the city. As a result of these connections and community meetups, I get the chance to meet people in the community, and if the need arises, offer my services as a realtor. This is the power of being a media company that happens to sell real estate.