Behind the Curtain - How to Build A Media Company - Episode 119What is the I Love Madison Show?

The I Love Madison show is all about connecting people in the community, especially the “trailing spouses.” If you moved to Madison because your spouse took a new job, it can be very hard to make new friends or find people who share similar interests. I hope the show will help people build community, and highlight all of the amazing places around the city that Madison residents enjoy. Every week, my team will highlight a new meetup for you to explore, interview a Madison resident about their recent move and how they got connected, and feature a local influencer from the city. As a result of these connections and community meetups, I get the chance to meet people in the community, and if the need arises, offer my services as a realtor. This is the power of being a media company that happens to sell real estate.

The ILM Brunch Club

I love Madison is more than just a podcast! Each month leaders from the community will host an event called the I Love Madison Brunch Club. This 90-minute event is designed to connect people to each other and to the needs of the community. Attendees will have 30 minutes to network, followed by 30 minutes of talks based on the idea of “lifestyle.” After the lifestyle talks, there will be topic tables where community members can go to get more information on a particular subject or interest. The goal is to launch the Brunch Club in January of 2018!

The Game of Magnets

There are tons of fun things planned for the I love Madison Show, including the Game of Magnets! There will be magnets with a number and the I Love Madison logo all over town. If you see one of those magnets you can take a picture of it and post to social media. This will “ register” that magnet under your name, and put you in the running to win several prizes. Check out the I Love Madison website, or Episodes 1-2 of the I Love Madison podcast on iTunes for more information!

The Madison Food Tournament

Food is a great way to bring people together, so I decided to host the Madison Food Tournament! Each month, I will choose a restaurant category to feature, then ask all of you I Love Madison listeners to submit your favorite restaurants. The submissions will be narrowed down to a top eight, then top two and a champion will be crowned! I can’t wait to launch this, so make sure you check the I Love Madison website to learn more!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] Sponsors
  • [3:50} I Love Madison Show – connecting people that are new to Madison
  • [4:45] Neil explains each segment of the show
  • [5:15] What is a trailing spouse?
  • [6:15] The I Love Madison Brunch Club – lifestyle networking
  • [7:40] The Insiders guide to Madison
  • [8:40} Game of Magnets
  • [9:40] Madison food tournament explained-
  • [11:00] The tide raises all ships – how being a media company can help you attract more business

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