How to Start A Vlog, with Caleb Jahr – Episode 120

How to Start A Vlog, with Caleb Jahr - Episode 120

On this episode, I talk to my friend and coworker Caleb Jahr about vlogging. Yes, I said vlogging. If you are unfamiliar, vlogging is a video blog. Caleb is one of those real estate agents who understands that being a media company that happens to sell real estate is a great way to build trust, be vulnerable and real and help people get to know you. Caleb talks about how he turned a discouraging piece of advice into a successful brand, and how vlogging can add value to your real estate business. The challenging way is probably the right way Sometimes the traditional approach is the right approach. In Caleb’s case, that is just the opposite. Soon after starting out as a real estate agent, Caleb approached a mentor to ask about how to sell real estate. His mentor, while well intended, offered that his vlog seemed scattered and made him vulnerable, and he was…

Behind the Curtain – How to build a media company, Episode 119

Behind the Curtain - How to Build A Media Company - Episode 119

The I Love Madison show is all about connecting people in the community, especially the “trailing spouses.” If you moved to Madison because your spouse took a new job, it can be very hard to make new friends or find people who share similar interests. I hope the show will help people build community, and highlight all of the amazing places around the city that Madison residents enjoy. Every week, my team will highlight a new meetup for you to explore, interview a Madison resident about their recent move and how they got connected, and feature a local influencer from the city. As a result of these connections and community meetups, I get the chance to meet people in the community, and if the need arises, offer my services as a realtor. This is the power of being a media company that happens to sell real estate.