Ep 25 Album coverSocial media has come along, and Realtors are not so good at using it. Yeah, you can blast more people with your pushy sales messages, but are you getting customers from it? Probably not. Why? Because you’re not storyselling. You’re pushing your stuff on people who don’t want to hear it. Social media is NOT the place to blast people with market reports or inventory. It’s where people go to relax or be entertained. So how do you use social media in a way that actually engages with people on those levels? By storyselling. Find out how on this episode of Onion Juice.


Why I believe that storyselling is the only way for Realtors to market on social media.


The fact is that you DO have inventory to promote. You do have expertise and knowledge about things people need. But you can’t go onto social media and do those things. You have to work your way into their attention grid through entertaining them, moving them, inspiring them: and you do all of those things by telling stories. On this episode of Onion Juice I’m going to walk through what it means to storysell and explain the ways you can change your social media posting that will be more effective for the acquisition of clients and the increase of your business bottom line.


What is the CAUSEABILITY factor of the things you’re posting on social media?


What the HECK does THAT mean? It means there’s a reason behind why you’re posting what you’re posting. Sure, ultimately it may be to win people over so they will become your clients, but you actually need to have a deeper, more altruistic motive than that. You’ve got to be eager to HELP people first and foremost, even if it means you don’t get a sale or new client out of the deal. What does that look like and how does it really work? I’m going to tell you all about it on this episode.

The POWER of creating great value.


I’ve come to realize that when I post things on social media that are bland, uninteresting, or outright asking someone to do something, I’m not giving them adequate REASONS to pay attention to what I’m posting. If I’m going to win them over, I’ve got to give them something. I’ve got to be generous. I’ve got to create valuable things that they can actually use, so much so that they can’t believe that I’m giving it away for free. When I do that, I’m making a difference in their lives and building the foundation for a relationship – and relationships are what lead to sales. Find out more on this episode of Onion Juice.


You need to respect the social media platform you’re sharing on.


The WAY you post to social media depends entirely on WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM you’re posting on. Youtube is more of a search engine than it is an interactive, relational platform, so posting market reports or inventory reports there might make sense. But Facebook isn’t a search engine, it’s a relational and entertainment platform. People aren’t there to get market reports, they are there to have fun and catch up with friends. If you post your market reports on Facebook, you’ll get crickets. Find out how to change the game on your social media posting, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] Welcome to this episode about “storytelling.”
  • [0:40] Why the name “Onion Juice?”
  • [2:18] My introduction to a marketing approach to storytelling.
  • [6:39] The things your content MUST have to have storyselling power.
  • [7:08] What is CAUSEABILITY?
  • [10:45] The power of providing great VALUE.
  • [12:50] Why you need to respect the PLATFORM you’re sharing on.
  • [15:12] Is there a reason for INTERACTION with your post?
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