I have spent several episodes talking about the power of video content, how to produce the best real estate videos, and what platforms to share those videos on. Are they social videos? Are they searchable? Do they engage your audience and empower them with new information? These are all questions you have heard me ask. Today, I will encourage you to NOT cross-promote your content on every channel, and walk you through exactly what kinds of content you should be creating for Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

Don’t cross-promote your content

If you are posting the same real estate video to all of your channels (Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, other), you are taking a lazy approach to your content, and actually hurting your brand. There are rules you have to follow for each platform, or your content (and your brand) will sink into oblivion, never to surface again. Instead of cross-promoting your content, tailor it to fit each platform. If you are not sure how to produce the best real estate videos for each channel, stay tuned, I cover that next!

The best real estate videos for YouTube

You have heard me say it before, YouTube is a search engine. That means that people are looking for specific, helpful content. Here are a few examples of the kinds of videos and titles you can produce for YouTube: Neighborhood videos in a Vlog style (walk around, engage people and give information that relates to that area). As far as titles are concerned, here are a few examples i have used: “Why don’t I sell my house for sale by owner,” “10 reasons to move to Madison (your city),” “housing market update,” “best tips for estate sale,” “what is a short sale,” “how to avoid foreclosure,” “what to expect at an inspection,” “moving tips,” “should I stage my home,”and “tips for picking the best offer in multiple-offer situations.” Work on your titles and descriptions, and remember…don’t post these videos to Facebook, just YouTube.

Create Facebook videos that actually engage your audience

Facebook thrives on social content, so that is what you should be producing to create engagement. The Vlog format works well on this platform (similar to YouTube, but not a carbon copy). One great way to produce videos is to use Facebook Live when you are at events or hosting an open house. The critical element every facebook video must have is a reason for your audience to engage. For example, when we were searching for the best burger in Madison for the I Love Madison Show, we live streamed and asked people to like and comment with their favorite burger places around the city. The engagement on those videos was very high! One great way to list a property is to shoot some drone footage, then link that video and a few high-quality videos back to the listing page on your website!

Your LinkedIn videos should focus on one thing: building relationships

The LinkedIn platform is all about creating relationships (notice the lack of cute cat videos…that’s intentional). When you are creating videos for LinkedIn, keep that in mind. There is no need to produce a video that only highlights your skill as a realtor…no one cares. Use something you have learned to educate and empower. You can sprinkle in short success moments as an agent in creative ways, ie. “I just had a client that bought in this area and this is why” or “this event is in this area and my clients are loving it.” Don’t worry about always bringing it back to real estate. Market yourself as a business person who has learned things, and offer no-strings-attached content.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Today, I talk about the best real estate videos and where to post them!
  • [1:45] Create social, searchable, and empowering content
  • [3:30] Master the art of the unselfish selfie!
  • [4:00] Should you cross-promote on all of your channels?
  • [11:00] Producing the best real estate videos for Youtube
  • [14:00] Social videos demand a social platform, like Facebook
  • [24:30] Use LinkedIn videos to create relationships

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