How to Be Successful In Real Estate - Neil’s Answers to YOUR Questions! - Episode 70If you ask 100 successful agents how to be successful in real estate you’ll probably get at least 50 different answers. That’s because how you work in the business depends on who you are and how you best work with people. But the approach that’s becoming more and more effective as the culture changes is the approach I recommend – focusing on building relationships instead of building a business – and I do that by being a media company that happens to sell real estate. This 70th episode of The Onion Juice podcast is all about your questions and I answer them to help you become successful in your real estate career. Be sure you listen – somebody probably asked the question you’re wondering about. :)


How you can BE the show when people are looking for a new home!


One of my listeners wrote me to ask how she should approach her new position. She’s taken a role with a new home builder, working as the sales agent in his new development. Wow! What an opportunity! I think she’s got a perfect chance to actually BE THE SHOW for anyone in town who’s interested in a new home – and there are multiple ways she could pull that off. On this episode, I tell her exactly what I would do as a new home agent to be a success in her situation. You’ll want to hear this – it’s right along the lines of what I’m saying all the time, “Be a media company that happens to sell real estate.”


Don’t be stupid! Focus on relationships more than you focus on real estate and business!


Many real estate agents focus on building their business – and there are definitely business systems and approaches that you need to be intimately acquainted with and able to implement well. But if building your business is your MAIN focus you’re going to miss the boat that our culture is sailing these days. You need to focus on building relationships more than you focus on how to build a successful real estate business. It’s the trust-based relationships you’re able to establish that will build your business, seemingly without effort. I admit it’s the long game but it’s the game that works these days. You’ve got to learn how to do it, so be sure you listen.


People don’t want to engage with your brand, they want to engage with you!


Your business has a brand identity. For sure. But people are not really that interested in engaging with your brand. They want to engage with you – the person behind the brand. The success you’re looking for will come as you get to know people, and more importantly – as people get to know you. They need to see who you are, what your life is like, how trustworthy you are not only in business but as a person. It’s that trust that enables them to feel like they know you enough to do business with you, to refer you, to be excited about helping you as a person. It’s a subtle put powerful mindset shift that every agent in the 21st century has got to learn. If you need a bit more help getting what I’m talking about, listen to this episode.


Should you go on Facebook LIVE on your personal or business account?


One listener to the show asked if she should use her personal or business account when going LIVE on Facebook. I guess you could look at it in two different ways – but the way I look at it has to do with how people in our day are wanting to engage on social. They don’t care all that much about businesses or brands, they care about people. If they feel close to YOU then they are going to feel ready to trust the business you run. So I think you should at least start out going LIVE on your personal account. That’s where you’ll get the most exposure and where you’ll be seen as a person instead of a brand, which is what people want to relate to in the first place. I’ve got more to say about this but saved it for the audio, so be sure you listen to this episode.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:27] My introduction and welcome! Here’s your Juice Bar Q & A!
  • [5:21] QUESTION ONE: How can I rock as a new home sales agent, working for a builder?
  • [8:18] QUESTION TWO: What do you see coming in the market and how can an agent survive a market crash?
  • [11:39] QUESTION THREE: What do you need to get a podcast running, besides good equipment?
  • [14:12] QUESTION FOUR: How can I organize and use all the media options to build my media company?
  • [17:30] QUESTION FIVE: How can I get help refining my approach when the people I’m around don’t understand being a media company that sells real estate?
  • [19:31] QUESTION SIX: How do I know where to share my media content – personal or business profiles?
  • [21:14] QUESTION SEVEN: Does the amount of information you share about your family impact your business negatively?
  • [23:50] QUESTION EIGHT: What is your most important tool (if you could only choose one)?
  • [25:26] QUESTION NINE: Starting over, what would you have done to be more self aware?
  • [29:00] QUESTION TEN: How can you do an interview using Facebook Live?
  • [30:14] QUESTION ELEVEN: Should I go live on my business or personal pages?
  • [31:04] QUESTION TWELVE: What tips, tricks, and tools do you have for building a database?
  • [33:22] QUESTION THIRTEEN: What are your best time management strategies?
  • [36:20] QUESTION FOURTEEN: How can I choose the right local civic groups to join?
  • [37:40] QUESTION FIFTEEN: How do you plan and put out all your content?


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