Ep 60 Album coverThe juice bar is open again. It’s my Q&A session of the Onion Juice Podcast where I answer your real estate questions. On this episode I’ll be answering questions about FSBOs, how to get past being the new agent with no experience, how to let people know you are a new agent, Facebook ads you can use to go after expired listings, how to blog effectively as a real estate agent, how to be a media company that happens to sell real estate, and so much more! Be sure you take the time to hear these great questions and my answers.

What should you do when a potential client decides to go FSBO?

You know the story. You’ve been serving a potential client in incredible ways for weeks, even months. Then they give you the call (or not) to tell you that they’ve decided to try to sell their own house (FSBO). Arrrrrgggggg!  What should you do? Most agents would be tempted to give shoot them the bird, tell them to get lost, or something a little less subtle. I think you should do exactly the opposite and on this episode of the podcast, I’m not only going to tell you why, I’m going to tell you some of the actual things I would do. It’s not about winning them over, it’s about getting your name out as a super helpful and outstanding agent. You can find out, on this episode.

Everyone wants an experienced agent but you’re not experienced. How can you get business?

Almost all of the advice you see online about finding a good real estate agent says that people who are looking to buy a home should only go with an experienced agent. But not everyone is experienced. In fact, the majority of agents aren’t. What should you do in order to overcome what seems like insurmountable odds? I have a very simple approach to this issue that includes honesty, a straightforward approach, dependence on your team, and a few other things. If you want to hear how to get over the experience hurdle, I’m going to tell you what to do on this episode.

Did you know you can advertise to people with expired listing using Facebook?

One of the things you hear as a way to drum up new business is to chase down expired listings. You know, the houses that have been on the market recently but are no longer being listed. The assumption is that there is an interested seller at the end of that lead and you can approach them using all your charm, wit, and stunning good looks to convince them that you are the guy or gal to sell their house. I’ve got a couple of methods that I’ve used to do this using Facebook. Some of them involve fairly technical stuff but at least one of them is a hack anyone who has a Facebook account can do. Curious? Listen to this episode.

Get creative to figure out ways you can highlight things your potential clients are interested in.

A listener to The Onion Juice Podcast wrote in to ask me a question regarding a potential way he could attract clients. He’s really into dogs and wants to write a blog or newsletter about dogs for the people in his community. He’s curious how that idea could get him an “in” with potential real estate customers. I think it’s a great idea. Do you see why? On this episode, I’m going to go over the principle of “Cheese and Whiskers” using this listener’s example to show you how you can use virtually any area of interest to begin attracting clients. This is not smoke and mirrors stuff, it really works!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:43] My welcome to you – thanks for listening!
  • [5:01] What should you do if a potential client goes FSBO?
  • [8:13] Everybody wants an experienced agent and you’re new? What should you do?
  • [18:27] Is there a way to advertise to expired listings using Facebook?
  • [25:00] I’ve got an idea about attracting customers by focusing on dogs. Any thoughts?

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