EP 26 Album CoverWelcome back to the Onion Juice Podcast.  My name is Neil Mathweg and I’m the host of the show and your fellow entrepreneur in the real estate business. On this episode I’m answering a question that someone posed to me about what I would do if I was starting all over in a brand new city. Man, that is a great question and one I could write an entire book about. But I’m going to spare you the book and gave you most of what I think in a nutshell, on this episode.


I don’t believe in “Fake it ‘till you make it.”


We’ve all been there. In fact, we’ve all done it. Me included. You’re asked how long you been in the industry, and the truth is that your brand-new. But because it feels like you won’t be taken seriously, you make something up, you avoid the question, you don’t answer directly. People call that faking it until you make it, and I think it’s a bunch of bull. You should always be honest. If someone asks me if I’m new to town, I tell them that I am. If they follow up and ask why they should hire me, then they will discover who the real me is. On this episode I’m going to teach you how to use your honesty to your advantage when sealing the deal with new or potential clients.


What about starting your own podcast about your new city?


If you can’t tell, I love podcasting. I love media. I love video. If I was new to your city as a real estate agent, I would start a podcast about the city right away. It would force me to get out and talk to people. It would require that I interview other business folks, highlighting their businesses, engaging with their clients, and all the time I’m getting my name into the community in the places that matter. Besides that, those people that I interview with help me promote the podcast, which in the end, will promote me as well. You can hear all my thoughts on creating a new media outlet in a new town, on this episode.

I’m trying to teach you how to attract instead of chase business, but when you first start out, you have to do some chasing.


I hope this doesn’t sound hypocritical, because I often say that you shouldn’t work to chase business, usual work to attract business. And I do believe that. But, when you are brand new to a city, you have got to chase business. It’s the only way that you actually make a living while you are building your ability to attract business. On this episode I’m going to explain the difference and tell you exactly what I would do to Chase business if I were to move to your city.


Here’s my 3 pillar approach: Attract, Chase, Sphere of Influence.


I love thinking about strategies to use to grow my business. One of the questions I’ve been asked has to do with what I would do if I moved to a brand new city and was wanting to build my real estate business there. I would take a three-pronged approach. First I would work to attract business and on this episode I’m going to tell you he would do that. I would also work to chase down business, and get some money coming in right away. Then I would build my sphere of influence and on this episode I’m going to tell you exactly what that is and how I would go about it.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction to this episode – starting over.
  • [0:46] How Onion Juice got started.
  • [2:34] How a question prompted this episode of the podcast.
  • [4:02] How to get a copy of the show notes for today’s episode.
  • [4:20] First, what I would NOT do in a new city.
  • [7:06] The power of being real.
  • [7:54] My 3 pillar approach: attract, chase, sphere of influence.
  • [8:10] Why I would start a new show in the new city.
  • [10:02] How I would use Instagram.
  • [10:50] Why you are a fool if you don’t “chase” business at first.
  • [12:15] What IS a sphere of influence and how do you build one in a new town?
  • [15:01] How to join me on Periscope and on Snapchat.


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