Ep 41 Album coverThe Juice Bar is open! Now accepting questions for me to discuss and answer on the show, Onion Juice! I think I’ll do this every 10 episodes or so: I’ll answer questions I’ve gotten from listeners. This is my first of such shows. But before I dive in, I have to express how truly happy and blessed I feel to be able to reach so many real estate professionals around the globe with this podcast. It’s truly an honor to see how many people I’ve been able to help improve their businesses and reach their goals. Here’s to many more!


Want to be a business magnet? Of course you do. So work it!


Attracting business to yourself is kinda my mojo. You’ve all heard me talk about it on Onion Juice. But it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s something you work on and build up. In this question and answer episode, my first listener question launches me straight into a discussion of how to do this. You might have to continue chasing business the old school way for a little while as you develop your ability to attract it to you. That’s okay! Anything worth doing is worth investing some time and energy into. Listen here for tips on just how to start developing that magnetism that can one day drive your success!

Start a local show! If I can do it, so can you.


The best way to start to attract business to yourself in my experience is to start a show. Like I always say, take a look at what radio shows have been doing for years. They get people to call in; they make things happen and get people engaged. Why shouldn’t a realtor model that? Interview local people. Be entertaining. Be a little vulnerable. Be REAL! Take a listen to this episode of Onion Juice to learn some of the specific things I’ve learned about how to attract business to yourself rather than burning up your energy chasing it.

People can’t relate to your Perfection.


In this episode, I answer some questions about how professional to be with people as a realtor, and how to be yourself while being professional. In a nutshell, I advise them to err on the side of being personal rather than professional. Obviously you don’t want to gush personal details to the world on social media, but I do suggest opening up to people. Bring people on the journey with you. I talk especially about making videos that are raw and real. You don’t have to make highly polished videos. In my experience, you shouldn’t even want to. Let me share some of my experiences of putting your true self out there so they see a real person they can relate to.


Life happens. So share it!


Even when it’s not pretty, share your story! I personally struggled with addiction in my past, but do I struggle to hide that or cover it up now? Absolutely not! As a friend put it, “Make your mess your story!” The final question I address in this Q and A episode of Onion Juice deals with this dynamic: how can the struggles you’ve faced actually end up being a benefit? And they can! Whatever life-altering struggles you may have survived, don’t try to shove them into a dark hole. It won’t work anyway. But you can actually use those experiences to help others, and at the same time to help advance your profession as a realtor.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:39] Doing things a little differently today: welcome to the Juice Bar!
  • [4:10] How to get your questions to me.
  • [5:07] This week in social media: videos on Twitter, panoramas on Facebook, and more!
  • [9:35] First question: how can I start attracting business TODAY?
  • [12:07] Second and third questions on videos and how to bring who you are into your work as a realtor.
  • [17:53] About a video I made to help realtors succeed and how you can get it for free.
  • [20:18] About leadpages and how to use them.
  • [22:15] About huge, life-altering experiences folks have shared with me.

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