Ten Real Estate Marketing Ideas with Tyler Zey - Episode 113Juicers, if you think Facebook is the only way to generate leads, you NEED to listen to this episode. Tyler Zey From Easy Agent Pro joins me to talk about 10 different ways you can market your real estate business, not including Facebook! We have spent a lot of time in the last few episodes talking about the real estate mastermind in Park City, and Facebook seemed to dominate the conversation, so today we decided to do something different. Check out these 10  real estate marketing Ideas!

Print is still relevant

Are print flyers still a relevant thing? According to Tyler, yes!  With the overabundance of digital ads that people receive every day, it seems like a print flyer would be irrelevant. In reality, stats are showing that many people actually prefer something they can hold in their hands, especially millennials. An effective flyer is easy to create and canvassing costs are generally very low,  making this a great option for realtors looking for more leads. Tyler and I talk about the best way to format a real estate flyer and how you can use them to point people towards your listing page.

The best way to host an open house

Open houses are still a great way to build relationships and meet potential new clients. Even though open houses seem low-tech, Tyler recommends using a digital sign-in that automatically pushes your visitors towards a CRM,  like LionsDesk. This system not only captures information real-time but allows you to automate a thank you email or show other listings your clients may be interested in. This is also a great opportunity for clients to meet you face to face, build trust and reinforce your brand.

Think Social

There are lots of social media platforms to choose from. Tyler and I spend a few minutes talking about the major players, including YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest. Each platform offers a distinct advantage, both in the way content is displayed and the ways you can interact with clients. If you need to add social media to your arsenal, Tyler shares several great strategies Realtors can implement quickly and easily.   

Create your own “Top 25”

The “top 25″ came as a result of the “I love of Madison” Blog. I started connecting with 25 other business owners in my community twice a month to share ideas, refer business and build relationships. I have had great success using Instagram to find local businesses, then I reach out and ask how I can help provide value. If each business sends two real estate referrals a year, that significantly impacts my real estate business.     

The “top 25” was #10 on MY list for this episode, but Tyler reminded me that podcasting is also an effective strategy for realtors. This podcast has already helped generate several leads, so I think he’s right about the effectiveness. Check out the episode to hear more detail on all ten real estate marketing ideas with Tyler Zey!

Outline of this great episode

  • [4:15] Neil introduces Tyler Zey
  • [5:45] Why print is still a relevant way to market
  • [12:30] What you should do at your next open house
  • [14:45] Tyler shares email marketing tips   
  • [18:30] Why you should be using newsletters
  • [20:30] The power of Pinterest
  • [25:00] Tyler talks Youtube
  • [28:00] Snapchat advice
  • [30:15] Tyler shares powerful Instagram tips
  • [35:15] Create your Top 25

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