Success in Real Estate: Avoid the Biggest Mistakes that Agents Make - Episode 94Helping agents find success in Real Estate is what I love to do! In today’s episode, I’ll uncover the biggest mistakes that I see agents making and talk with you about how to avoid them. We’ll talk about a valuable lesson you can learn about quantity vs quality, and we’ll discuss the benefits of avoiding the comparison trap, putting relationships first, having a clear and consistent plan, believing you are a listing agent, and valuing your time. Listen in and avoid the biggest mistakes that Real Estate agents make!

Don’t be defeated by comparing yourself to other agents

This week I looked at the Facebook page of another agent in my area. And it almost got me distracted from my plan. In today’s episode, I’ll tell you the true story and talk about the importance of sticking with a clear and consistent plan and how success in Real Estate means not being distracted by what others are doing. Join me on my journey and avoid the sense of defeat that comes when we compare ourselves to others.

First things first: building relationships

Too many agents try to do the flashy things first – a slick business card, the best website, brand, and logo. It’s way too easy to get caught up in doing all these things and not doing what really matters, which is building relationships. When you are starting out or trying to get unstuck, building relationships is the first and most important thing you need to do. Listen to today’s episode to hear about connecting with potential clients and also with your “top 25” referral base. Then, pick up the phone and get started!

Have a clear plan and stay consistent

Success in Real Estate is based on having a clear plan and staying consistent with it. Everything else revolves around that. On this episode, I’ll talk about the clear plan and some resources that are available to help you with that. Listen in, then get started on establishing your plan. Roundbox coaching is available if you need assistance. And definitely join the Onion Juice Facebook group for lots of great support and encouragement along the way!

Believe that you are a listing agent

New agents have a tendency to believe that they are “just a buyers’ agent” and that being a listing agent is something that will come later. We think that we need our marketing plan and all our bells and whistles together before we can try being a listing agent. Well, that’s stinkin’ thinkin’. On this episode, I’ll explain why you need to change your mindset and believe that you are a listing agent, and how a focus on listings can lead to success in Real Estate.


Outline of this great episode

  • [2:18] A lesson from pottery about quality and quantity.
  • [7:23] Thank you to our sponsors, Knight Barry Title and Easy Agent Pro.
  • [8:51] Don’t be defeated by comparing yourself with other agents.
  • [13:10] First things first: building relationships.
  • [14:06] Attending networking events — Get your “top 25.”
  • [15:42] Have a clear plan and stay consistent.
  • [18:20] Believe that you are a listing agent.
  • [22:37] Time is the new rich.
  • [25:48] Stay focused.


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