When was the last time you got a piece of real mail that you really enjoyed reading? Today on the Onion Juice, Michael Krisa from Service For Life!® joins me to talk about the power of the mailbox, specifically, a custom newsletter that they produce for me to keep me connected to my “power list” of past clients, friends, family and potential new clients. This newsletter is so important to me, it’s one of the top three strategies I focus on to attract business!

It all started with the Mathweg Minute

Real estate newsletters to past and prospective clients can be a fantastic and inexpensive way to build and maintain strong client relationships. I learned this from a mentor in the real estate business back in 2002, which resulted in the creation of my own newsletter I titled “The Mathweg Minute.” After the first year of creating and sending it to my list, I realized I did not have the time to produce great content as often I would have liked. That’s when I found Service For Life!®.

You would think I wrote it myself…but I didn’t

I used to produce every newsletter, which meant writing every block of content and planning extra content that I thought would help build trust and likability. Service For Life!® intentionally creates a newsletter with a “down-home look” my list raves about. It’s not the shiny, corporate direct mail that everybody immediately tosses in the trash. I include real estate information, of course, but Service For Life!® strategically includes “How-To” articles, trivia, tips, and humor to motivate the highest readership and encourage sharing. it’s NOT all about real estate, and that’s one of its success secrets…

It’s all about the touchpoints

The more you can communicate with your “power list,” the more successful you will be at attracting business! Michael says it’s “all about the touch points.” Loosely defined, a touchpoint is a place or point that a customer touches, or interacts, with your brand. When people read my newsletter, I hope that it comes across as warm, genuine and heartfelt, because that is exactly how I want to attract new clients. Imagine the business you could attract if a past client hands a well-crafted newsletter to a friend, and shares a positive story about you at the same time…the value of that interaction will far exceed the commission you make on it.

Are you marketing or just advertising?

Raise your hand if you didn’t know there was a difference between marketing and advertising…Michael says marketing is the science of getting people to do something, while advertising just means you have a lot of money to burn. Each of the newsletters that Service For Life!® produces for me includes several call-to-action sections that encourage people to connect with me. I can set up a number with pre-recorded information about a property I am listing, offer tips like “5 ways to prepare to sell your house” and even a touch point that starts by asking something like “Would you like to know what your neighbor’s house sold for?” These are all powerful hooks that are included, and the best part is, I don’t have to write them myself!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] How are you communicating to your sphere of influence?
  • [1:30] The awesome OJ sponsors
  • [2:00] Neil Introduces Michael Krisa from Service For Life!®
  • [4:15] The power of the mailbox
  • [5:15] Remember the “Mathweg Minute?”
  • [7:00] How to target the right list for your newsletter
  • [8:30] I didn’t write it myself, but you would never know that
  • [10:15] Reaching your “power list” with a newsletter
  • [13:30] The “letter of the heart” approach
  • [17:15] Beyond the mailbox: What are you doing to connect and follow-up?
  • [19:00] Are you marketing or advertising?

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