Real estate video marketing is one of the most powerful tools you can use in your real estate business. People only do business with people they know, like, trust, and remember… And a video is, by far, the easiest way to stand out online, build authority in your real estate niche, and create an experience that people will never forget. Today, Michael Krisa from Agent Inner Circle joins me to show you how to use real estate videos to build strong relationships with your clients and grow your real estate business!

The platform determines the content

All video content is not created equal. Social is very different from searchable. If you don’t follow the “rules,” your content will not be as effective as you had hoped. Social media is meant for quick blurbs, which get refreshed in the feed in a matter of minutes. A good YouTube video, on the other hand, picks up views and starts climbing with search engine results, 24/7, worldwide. When you are posting video content, it is important to treat YouTube like a search engine, not like a social media platform. Check out episode 131, with Karin Carr to learn more about this!

Good enough is good enough

“No one can relate to your perfection” is a motto every real estate agent should remember when producing video content. If you try to produce perfect videos every time, you will never launch any content. Let’s be honest, the imperfect video will have much better results than the one you never produce. Michael shares a few basic tips to improve the quality of your videos, like making sure the sun is behind the camera (facing you), and putting your phone on “Do Not Disturb” mode while filming, so notifications don’t break your concentration.

Lead with mobile

If you are just starting to produce video content, there is no need to go buy the fancy desktop software to edit your videos. The reality is, those programs are loaded with cool features, but they take hours to learn. Your job is not to become a video editor, but to sell houses. With that in mind, Michael says the best approach is to lead with mobile, meaning the cell phone in your pocket is your most powerful tool! He recommends getting an external mic to help with the audio clarity, like the IRig Lav Mic and a simple editing app like Power Director (Android) or iMovie (IOS).

The 10×10 Strategy

If you need ideas to start producing video content, Michael says to use the 10×10 strategy. Here’s how it works…pick a niche, like “New Home Buyers,” then answer the top 10 questions that niche usually asks, using one question as the subject for each video. As an agent, you probably know 10 more questions about that subject that people don’t think to ask. When you are all said and done, you a have a 20 episode series that you can post as searchable content. In addition, people have gotten to know you a little from those videos, and you have presented yourself as an expert. That’s a great way to build likability and trust!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:30] Let’s talk video content with Michael Krisa from Agent Inner Circle!
  • [2:00] Video content needs to be something your clients can apply and use
  • [3:45] What video strategy is working the best right now?
  • [5:00] The follow-up video that builds deep roots
  • [6:30] The platform determines the content
  • [10:45] Michael weighs in on what gear you need
  • [12:30] The 1-3 strategy – Video, Audio, Text
  • [13:00] Good enough is good enough
  • [16:45] Why routine is critical
  • [22:00] Lead with mobile
  • [17:30] The 10×10 strategy
  • [26:00] Remember, be yourself….or a more energetic version of yourself

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