Real Estate Systems, Time Blocking, and Effective Communication: Neil Answers Your Questions at The Juice Bar - Episode 90The Juice Bar is open! In today’s episode I’ll answer your questions about everything from open houses to Real Estate systems, how to use your time wisely, what to do when you lose negotiating power, and many more issues that Real Estate Agents face. Chances are, you have asked many of the same questions that these listeners have raised. Join me for this Q & A and then join us over on the Facebook group to interact!

The quality of your communication with people is what makes you stand out

If there’s one thread that runs through most of today’s Juice Bar Q & A, it’s that clear communication is essential to your Real Estate business. Whether you are sending out postcards to your farm, e-mailing a newsletter to your clients, writing an offer, setting up a listing, or knocking on doors, communication is key! On this episode, I answer listener’s questions about Real Estate and share some of the ways that you can communicate effectively by e-mail, on the phone, and in person with all of the people you encounter in your business.

Efficient systems help your business run smoothly (and save you a lot of headaches)

Have you set up Real Estate systems to help your business run smoothly? By setting up systems you can handle things prior to when they happen and make it easy for your clients to have confidence in you. On this Q & A episode, I respond to a listener’s question about systems and explain how my own systems work at each step in the buying and selling process. Listen in to learn how systems can make your job a whole lot easier while making your clients happier.

Time blocking, setting boundaries, and making an appointment with yourself

As one of my listeners said, “Accomplishments require activity, but activity does not necessarily equal accomplishment.” Are you blocking your time in a way that allows you to accomplish your goals? On this episode, I’ll help you understand how to set boundaries around your time so that you are working for long-term gains and not just for the present moment. Listen in and then get out your calendar and book an appointment with yourself!

The number one thing you need for your Real Estate business: a clear plan

Do you want to stay consistent in your business? Do you want your Real Estate systems to flow smoothly, and have your activities lead to accomplishments? The first thing you need is a clear plan. On this episode, I answer listener’s questions on a wide variety of topics, and many of those answers hinge on having a clear plan. When your plan is in place, then it becomes easier to make decisions about the use of your time, communication, and activities like farming, open houses, or Facebook advertising. Listen in, and then download my free pdf business plan to help you get started!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] Intro to the Onion Juice Podcast
  • [2:21] Neil’s Roundbox Coaching program and thanks to our sponsors
  • [5:11] What is a good mail system for farming?
  • [8:07] What is a good mail system for past clients?
  • [9:21] How do I fight for my buyers with sellers and listing
    agents who know they can be choosy regardless of the issues found in the inspection?
  • [11:13] Is a list of 300 enough for a newsletter?
  • [13:02] I need systems badly — How can I get them set up?
  • [20:55] How do I interact differently with people I know and leads from Facebook?
  • [25:35] How should I allot my time for activities that will lead to accomplishment?
  • [30:56] Why do you not use Facebook stories?
  • [32:21] What are the best question techniques to separate real buyers from non-real ones?
  • [34:45] What are your thoughts about open houses and door-knocking?
  • [36:27] How do I put together my value proposition?
  • [38:33] What is the better formula for higher ROI for minimum expense for Facebook ads?
  • [40:20] What are some tips and tricks to stay consistent?

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