Maximize Your Real Estate SEO with TJ Kelly - Episode 112Juicers! This episode is packed with amazing information from my friend and SEO expert, TJ Kelly! I let TJ “take over” the podcast this week so he could share how real estate agents can maximize their search engine optimization and increase exposure. TJ clarifies how SEO started and how it has evolved, a few best practices and several tips that realtors can implement today.

What is SEO?

Somewhere in a top-secret bunker, Google is running an algorithm that controls how content is archived and displayed…or something like that…TJ explains that when people think of “Search Engine Optimization,’ they may think of Metatags or ranking number one on Google. He says that these factors are not as relevant to how SEO algorithms are programmed today. In reality, there are multiple factors to pay attention to.     

The eight factors of SEO

SEO today is far more involved than it’s inception in the 90’s. TJ explains the eight different factors of SEO and how focused attention to each of them can dramatically improve a realtor’s visibility online. TJ talks about the importance of page factors and site factors, how collaboration can springboard your business online and why social media is a critical component. This fits into the Onion Juice idea that we are “media companies who happen to sell real estate.” Super cool stuff!

Your corner of the web

As a realtor, your website is one of the best places to display your brand, build client loyalty and of course, market your skills and services. There are several things you can do to maximize the visibility and SEO of your website. TJ talks about the importance of header text, backlinks and text content. Listen to this section with a pen in hand, as he provides a ton of value for real estate agents who need to improve their SEO.

Three SEO tips you can start using today  

To provide outstanding value to all of you juicers, I asked TJ to share three tips that you can use to start improving your SEO today! The first thing he recommended was to start writing a blog. The more content you can produce, especially text, the more material Google has to index as relevant to your subject. The second thing TJ suggests is to use a Q&A format on the blog. “Think about all the questions people ask you as a realtor, then write out answers to them,” he said. This not only allows people to look up those answers on your site, but it also helps establish your authority on a subject. The last tip he shared was to collaborate with other people and share content. Google views links from one site to another almost like a vote, so the more collaboration you can create, the more your content is being “voted” positively. There is so much great stuff in this episode, thanks to TJ Kelly!   

Outline of this great episode

  • [5:00] Neil introduces TJ Kelly  
  • [7:00] The basics of SEO
  • [11:00] The eight factors of SEO
  • [17:15] TJ explains duplicate content vs. syndicate content   
  • [20:45] TJ on the power of the title page
  • [24:15] Three tips to improve your SEO today

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