There is a powerful shift that takes place when you start living your life according to a vision, instead of just living to meet your needs! In the last episode, I talked about how to create a vivid vision for your life. This vision helps you to adopt an abundance mindset and focus on what truly matters. This week, we are going to peel back more of that onion and drink a little more on the subject of vision! If you haven’t listened to episode 124, you should go guzzle that first, it’s still fresh!

Needs vs. Vision

When you roll out of bed in the morning and start thinking about your day, do you focus on how you are going to pay bills, or how you are going to use that day to accomplish a grand vision that adds value to your life and to those around you? Truthfully, we all focus on those needs…there are more of them, and they tend to take up more brain space. What would happen though, if we started our day by clarifying what our vivid vision is, then used that vision to guide our schedule? I think your life would be changed…I know mine has been!

Your vision should light a fire in your soul

Having a vision has clarified what I need to focus on each day, and has lit a fire in my soul to see that vision realized. Every day, I get up excited to go to work, excited to continue selling real estate and leading my team. As I clarified my life vision, I shared that with my team, which in turn fired them up! If you are looking to build a team of people, for real estate or otherwise, the best thing you can do is clarify your vivid vision, then share it! As you lead, encourage the people around you to do the same.

Curly hair, and the houses nobody could sell

Recently, I heard a radio commercial for a salon here in Madison that said they specialize in curly hair. As it happens, my daughter has extremely curly hair, so their commercial immediately caught my attention. Ok, but we are talking about real estate, why does curly hair matter? Because it’s a niche. There may be hundreds of other salons I could take my daughter to, but these guys say they specialize in the one that I am focused on. The same concept applies to your real estate business. When I started out as an agent, I focused on expired listings. I communicated that I could sell the houses that other real estate agents could not. Do you think that caught people’s attention? Absolutely. When you focus on a certain niche, it tends to expand. As it expands, you are positioned as an expert in that area, which makes people trust you and want to do business with you!

What real estate niche can you focus on?

If you are a real estate agent that needs a niche, keep listening! There are hundreds of ways you can approach selling real estate. My team has decided to focus on open houses and being media companies that happen to sell real estate. I know other agents who focus on senior care or providing services for elderly people looking to sell a home, downsize, etc. Military families and law enforcement is another area of real estate that you could focus on. Understanding what military families are looking for means you can easily rule out properties that don’t fit, saving you time. There are hundreds of ways to approach this, I would love to hear some of the niches that you guys are focused on! Here’s to a vivid vision and expanding success!

Outline of this great episode

  • [2:15] The vision you focus on can expand into a niche
  • [9:15] My vision clarified what’s important
  • [12:30] Specialize in one area
  • [17:00] Real estate niche ideas

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