I hate to break it to you, but if you’re treating LinkedIn like an old-fashioned Rolodex, you’re doing it wrong. Nearly every industry uses LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates, and over 90% of recruiters rely on the site, according to data from the Society of Human Resource Management. So your profile can’t just be a storage unit for career contacts — it needs to be a living, breathing record of your professional life. Cathy Yerges from RevGrow joins me on this episode to share how real estate agents can maximize their connections on LinkedIn. Cathy says Linked In in the sleeping giant of 2018. You don’t want to miss what she has to say!

Optimize your profile

Be sure to complete all of the sections including education, certifications, interests and the other section options your profile provides, when applicable. Your profile gives you the option to include a Twitter handle, three websites, company web address, phone number, email address and more — neatly placed in an address file at the lower right-hand corner of your intro box, alongside your LinkedIn URL. This makes it easy for you to find info to contact people on your target list and simpler for hiring managers to contact you.

It’s a social network. So be social

LinkedIn can be a powerful networking tool — if you let it. Instead of just saving the connections you’ve met throughout your professional life, actively engage with contacts by liking, sharing, and commenting on their activity. It’s fine to connect with someone you’ve never met, but make sure you send a customized message in your invitation. Cathy suggests following up with anyone who looks at your profile. The key is to engage people, instead of just broadcasting what it is you do.

Company pages

LinkedIn’s foundations are built upon individual personal profiles, which usually showcase the user’s skills, not those of the company they work for. LinkedIn members use the site for numerous reasons, two of which include; following and networking with other professionals or following companies to hear of news and developments from that organization. Unlike your personal LinkedIn profile, your company page can help you display relevant content and services.

Media companies that happen to sell real estate

You guys have heard me say it, the goal is to be media companies that happen to sell real estate. When used effectively, LinkedIn is just one way that agents can provide value and attract more business, instead of chase it. Just like you do for your real estate blog and other social media accounts, posting a significant amount of content is essential to growing leads. Look at some of the best real estate agents and firms on LinkedIn and you’ll notice a trend: They all post content of varying types — links to blog posts, opinion pieces, articles, and curated pieces. Any visual content you create (as long as it’s informative) can help your LinkedIn page. Just as photos, images, and graphics perform well on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, LinkedIn provides another medium you can use to publish multimedia and advance your real estate social media marketing.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] LinkedIn is the sleeping giant 2018
  • [3:00] The “Must Do” list for your profile from Cathy Yerges
  • [4:00] Make it easy for people to contact you
  • [7:15] Always create value
  • [9:30] LinkedIn advertising explained
  • [12:45] Need some LinkedIn assistance? Cathy can help
  • [13:15] Should you become a premier member?
  • [14:15] Company pages
  • [16:45] Present your profile and tell people why they should do business with you

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