Lead Conversion, with Dustin Brohm Episode 96Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast! I’m Neil Mathweg, and if you’re new to this show, I’ll explain at the beginning just what “Onion Juice” is all about and why our Real Estate podcast has such a goofy name. I’ll clue you in on Roundbox Coaching for new and “stuck” Real Estate agents, and we’ll have a great conversation with the “Bill Murray” of the podcast, Dustin Brohm. He’ll fill us in on the lead conversion system that is working for him, and then we’ll brainstorm about what to do for the Onion Juice 100th episode! Listen in for great lead conversion ideas and some good laughs.

If you get any kind of online leads, an immediate response is crucial

80-90% of buyers will end up working with the first agent they get a response from. So responding quickly to any online leads you receive is crucial for converting those leads. On this episode, Dustin Brohm will share the process that he uses to get replies out in 5 minutes or less, and will identify resources that you can use to do the same. Listen in and learn how you can automate to speed up your response time and get more lead conversions!

What do you include in a response to an online lead?

Dustin Brohm likes to respond to online leads with a video text or e-mail, in five minutes or less after receiving a lead. On this episode, he talks about what he includes in his videos and the apps that he uses to get them out quickly and automatically so that his replies go out even if he is in a meeting or taking a nap! Listen in to learn how to use videos that engage your leads and result in greater lead conversion.

Which is better, Facebook Lead Ads or Facebook Ads linked to a landing page?

It’s a debate. Do you get more lead conversions through Facebook Lead Ads or regular Facebook ads that link to your landing page? Are Facebook Ads worth the money? On this episode, Dustin Brohm and I will discuss Facebook ads and what we find works best for us. Listen to learn from our experience and to get many more tips and ideas for increasing your lead conversion.

You’re Invited – Participate in the Onion Juice Podcast 100th episode!

We are just a few episodes away from our 100th podcast! I asked Justin Brohm for ideas of what to do for that episode, and he came up with a great idea. Listen to our conversation and then send in your audio or e-mail contribution to the official Neil Mathweg roast! I may cry myself to sleep that night. But it will be fun! I hope you’ll join in.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:27] Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast!
  • [1:55] Intro to today’s guest, Dustin Brohm.
  • [3:38] Thank you to our sponsors, Knight Barry Title and Easy Agent Pro.
  • [5:23] Join Roundbox Coaching to get rid of Shiny Object Syndrome and stick with your plan!
  • [7:37] Intro to this episode with Dustin Brohm about his lead-conversion system.
  • [10:26] If you get any kind of online leads, an immediate response is crucial.
  • [15:21] Using a video to respond to an online lead.
  • [17:14] Which is better, Facebook Lead Ads or Facebook Ads linked to a landing page?
  • [21:14] Figure out how to respond to leads automatically and quickly.
  • [24:43] How Neil currently responds to his online leads.
  • [27:44] What Neil did for his chase when he first started in Real Estate.
  • [35:02] 100th episode brainstorm: A Neil Mathweg Roast.

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