Juice Bar: Neil’s Answers to Your Real Estate Questions - Episode 80It’s time to head down to the Juice Bar! It’s my Q & A session where I will be answering Real Estate questions that listeners like you have asked. In this episode I’ll answer questions about how to get past the objection that you are a new agent, blogging and social media, finding time for family, how to determine the financial health of a potential client, and more! Be sure to listen – someone probably asked a question you are thinking about!

How do I overcome objections to me being a new Real Estate agent?

Some will tell you “fake it ‘til you make it.” That’s a really bad idea. In this episode, I’ll answer this question and tell you what I think is a better way to handle it. Whether you are brand new or have been in the business a while, there are relationship principles you can follow to build trust and respect with your clients. Listen in to find out about client relationships and other Real Estate questions in this “Juice Bar” Q & A episode!

What Social Media platforms should Real Estate agents focus on?

None of us want social media to take over our lives. But we do want the benefits that social media can offer for our business. In this Q & A episode, I’ll answer questions about what social media platform is the best for your business, which ones are not, how to use community groups for your business, and how to become a better blogger. Be sure to listen and get answers to these Real Estate questions and more!

How can I be more effective with time-blocking when working from home?

Working from home and balancing your work/home time can be challenging. The real question, though, is how to protect your time with your family. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about. Listen to this episode to find out my strategy for making sure that the most important people in my life don’t just get what’s left over. You do not have to sacrifice family time to be a successful Real Estate agent!

Is there a solid 7-day system for working my Real Estate business?

You do need a plan. Is there a system out there that can help you? In this episode, I’ll answer that question and more. I’ll tell you about my Roundbox Real Estate coaching system and the 3-pillar plan that helps eliminate “shiny object syndrome” and keeps you focused on your goals. I’ll also give you some tips that will help, even if you don’t participate in my coaching system. Join us at the Juice Bar and listen to answers on this topic and many more!

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Intro to the podcast and sponsors
  • [3:03] QUESTION ONE: How do I overcome the objection of being new?
  • [4:35] QUESTION TWO: Is there a solid system to work the business?
  • [7:26] QUESTION THREE: Any tips on becoming a better blogger?
  • [10:55] QUESTION FOUR: Which social media should agents focus on?
  • [11:37] QUESTION FIVE: I need help with time-blocking and being more effective in my choices when working from home.
  • [15:55] QUESTION SIX: Which social media platform would you drop?
  • [18:02] QUESTION SEVEN: Should community groups be public or private? Should I tell them I am a Realtor?
  • [21:29] QUESTION EIGHT: Should you delve into the financial health of a potential client? At what point?

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