Have you heard that Facebook changes are on the way? It’s understandable and I actually love the things that Facebook is going to do. The reason I say that is that lately, Facebook has become less of an enjoyable place for me to spend my time, and that means the people I want to engage with aren’t spending as much time there either. Why has it become so unattractive? It’s because of all the clickbait and irrelevant posts that wind up in my Facebook feed. But the changes Facebook is making here at the beginning of 2018 are going to help us be more effective in reaching the very people we want to connect with. On this episode, Jason Frazier and I explain why.

The Facebook changes happening are focused on people more than brands. But don’t panic, it’s a good thing for you media companies that happen to sell real estate

It may sound funny to say it this way but the changes Facebook is making and its algorithm are focused more on people than they are on Brands. Yes, Facebook is still an advertising platform and they will still sell advertisements and enable you to target their audience, but it looks like they are tired of user’s Facebook feeds being crammed full of junk. On this episode, Jason Frazier and I clarify exactly what Facebook is doing, why the changes are happening, and the impact it should have on us media companies who happen to sell real estate.

Using engagement bait on Facebook is not going to work anymore – it’s going to accomplish ZERO reach on in days ahead. Stay up with these changes

If you have been using Facebook as a place to post clickbait type content, you are about to receive a big wake-up call. Those kinds of posts will no longer even show up on Facebook feeds because Facebook has changed its algorithms. The post that will be highlighted the most are the ones that get engagement, actual comments and conversations going on. That means as a media company that happens to sell real estate, you need to rethink your strategy and build relationships through Facebook, which is what you should have been doing all along. On this episode, Jason Frazier and I highlight the ways we can approach these changes that will be beneficial to us and to those we’re trying to reach.

For people who truly want to use social media to build relationships, the Facebook changes coming down the pike are a wonderful thing

If you’ve been using Facebook and social media in general for that matter to build relationships with people so that you can serve them better, you’ll be happy about the changes that are coming to Facebook in 2018. It’s wonderful to know that all the junk that is aimed at getting people to click, share, and take some sort of action to purchase the product, are going to go away. Facebook’s plan is to highlight engaging content that truly connects people. Isn’t that the purpose of social media in the first place? I love it, and on this episode, Jason Frazier and I are going to discuss how you should think about these changes in why you should consider it to be a good thing.

Live videos are going to be even more important as the changes coming to Facebook are rolled out

If you have already been doing live videos you know the power they have when it comes to engaging with people. That is exactly the kind of results that Facebook’s changes are aimed at producing. That means that live video is going to rank much higher and be more noticeable in Facebook feeds than ever before. So if you are not doing live video, you need to start. Figure out a way to focus on a cause or a topic that will engage the audience you’re trying to reach. That’s going to make your posts rank higher, give you the opportunity to build authentic relationships so that you can be known, liked, and trusted, and eventually wind up with new customers because of that engagement. This episode highlights everything we know so far about the Facebook changes coming down the pike.

Outline of this great episode

  • [7:33] Facebook changes are freaking people out – Jason’s going to run it down
  • [8:06] A new focus on relationships with people
  • [8:48] How the Facebook changes are being implemented and what it means for you
  • [12:15] People who’ve been doing this wrong (non personal) are going to be hit
  • [18:04] Why you should never hire another company to post on your behalf
  • [22:45] We aren’t sure what tactics are going to work – but be personal most of all
  • [25:20] Working to adapt to the changes can be an exciting thing
  • [30:20] Why Jason has stopped making jokes about LinkedIn

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