On this onion juice episode, Jerry Potter teaches you how to leverage your Instagram feed to drive business! If you are a real estate agent who uses Instagram, this is the must-listen-to episode! Learn about the new features that Instagram is rolling out, how you can improve your live video, then learn how you can improve your social media knowledge in just five minutes! No empty promises, I promise, just fresh, juicy content for you to ear-guzzle!

Are you using the best search and discovery platform to market your business?

Instagram places a big emphasis on search and discovery of content. It’s one of the few social media platforms with a Search and Explore tab in its app. Being featured in the search results or in Instagram’s Explore section can be a great way to boost your success on the network with added exposure and the chance to reach new users who may not have otherwise seen your content. There are also several other ways you can use Instagram’s Search and Explore for your business — finding the best hashtags to use, engaging your fans, and finding influencers to collaborate with.

Instagram is rolling out a ton of new features!

Jerry says if he had to abandon every other social media platform, he would JUST use Instagram…it’s that powerful! The app is constantly being updated with new features to help make the experience better for the users. Jerry shares a few of those features, including “focus mode” that adds a professional look to your pictures by blurring out the background, video chat, augmented reality (think Snapchat filters), clickable account names and hashtags, and the ability to mute (but not unfollow) a channel or user. To learn more about the powerful ways you can use Instagram to grow your real estate business, check out this episode of the onion juice!

Listen to hear one amazing tip that will instantly improve your live video broadcasts on social media

You have all seen the live videos on social media…lots of likes and hearts floating up the screen. If you are like me, you probably wonder how long the person is going to talk, right? What if this real estate agent talks for 20 minutes?? Jerry says one way to improve your live videos is to “offer an end at the beginning,” meaning drop a hook that will encourage views to keep watching until the big reveal. For example “This house is a three bedroom/ two bathrooms, but it might have the strangest thing I have seen in one of the bathrooms, but we’ll get there shortly…”

Five Minute Social Media with Mr. Jerry Potter

It is possible to learn social media in just five minutes…Mr. Jerry Potter shares how on this awesome onion juice episode.

If learning and improving your social media presence has been a goal, but you haven’t been able to find the time, you should check out Jerry’s channel on Youtube called Five Minute Social Media, where he teaches tips and tricks in small chunks that you can learn easily and implement quickly! For all the links, check out the resources section below.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] The Onion Juice Is supported by some amazing sponsors, check em out!
  • [1:15] Mr. Jerry Potter joins me to talk Instagram!
  • [4:15] Instagram is the best platform for search and discover
  • [6:00] New shiny things: Jerry shares some of the new features Instagram is rolling out
  • [11:30] Give people an ending at the beginning
  • [19:45] Five Minute Social Media

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