OJ EP 62 Cover ImageDo you have a growth mindset? You may think you do but really don’t. We all come into life with a certain way of looking at the world. We have a certain perspective about whether or not we – as an individual – are able to change things, make things better, or get better ourselves.  Some people get stuck in their pessimism, they see the obstacles or difficulties as being too large for them to overcome. People like that (and I hope I’m not talking about you) are not able to develop personally or grow as a businessman or businesswoman. They simply can’t. Not because they are unable, but because they THINK they are unable. This is not some stupid mind-trick or positive thinking schtick I’m talking about here, it’s reality. I hope you listen so you can learn how to do the hard but important work of assessing whether you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.

A fixed mindset is easy to come by. A growth mindset requires constant attention.

We all tend toward pessimism and discouragement. It’s part of the human condition. We see the negative things going on around us and naturally feel fear, doubt, insecurity, and resistance. We come by that kind of thinking easily and it can leave you feeling like (and believing) you are a victim with little power over your circumstances. But it’s a lie. You DO have the power to overcome the obstacles in your life. You’ve been CREATED with that ability. But it doesn’t come naturally, it’s something you have to develop and nurture. On this episode, I’m touching the tip of the iceberg about what it means to develop a growth oriented mindset, so if you want to start the long, hard, but totally rewarding journey of becoming a can-do/will-do person – and see your life change as a result – this episode is for you.

You know what might help you? You need to get good and angry!

There’s nothing that steams me more than seeing myself caving in – to something that I should have resisted and overcome. I hate feeling like a victim and I hate it, even more, when I give in to my own tendency toward LETTING myself be a victim. You know what helps me when that happens? I get angry. I get good and mad – not at myself but at the thing that is trying to conquer me. I view it as an enemy who’s coming to take my soul – and I go to war. That may sound a bit dramatic to you but it’s that kind of aggressive growth mindset that enables me to believe in myself more than I believe in the power of the problem I’m facing. It’s that kind of mindset that empowers me to be an overcomer even in the toughest situations. So let me ask you, when are you going to get angry enough that you start doing something about the way your life and real estate career are going, and make a change?

You are NOT a timid person. Really, you aren’t. So stop acting like it.

You may not be an extrovert but that doesn’t mean you have to be timid. Timidity is based in fear, it’s based on insecurity and lack of confidence. And while it’s true that each of us is on a journey and may fall at different places on the confidence continuum at any given time, none of us is designed to stay at the lower end of the scale. We are made to uniquely express and demonstrate who we’ve been created to be for the good of those around us – and to do it confidently. That’s why you need to start believing that the timidity you feel is a distorted picture of who you really are. It’s a feeling, not a fact and it’s time you stopped acting on it. It’s time you started conquering your world rather than allowing it to conquer you. This episode is all about becoming a conqueror. Are you ready for the challenge?

Excuse me, your mindset is showing.

Here’s an assignment for you. Take an hour out of your day and go to a mall or coffee shop. Grab yourself a drink, sit down, and watch people. Don’t just watch WHAT they are doing but watch HOW they are doing it. What you’ll find is that everyone you meet demonstrates their mindset through their demeanor and actions. You’ll see people who are confident, who believe that they are able to accomplish great things (these people have a growth mindset) and you’ll see people who are reserved, uncertain, and even lazy in the way they go through life (those are the ones who have more of a fixed mindset). Then you need to do one more thing. Go out to your car, get in, and look at yourself in the mirror. Out of those two types of people you observed, which are you? I’m chatting about fixed mindsets VS growth mindsets on this episode. I really believe that understanding this issue could explode your real estate business. Are you ready for it?

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:01] Fixed mindset VS growth mindset and why I might need to take back some things I’ve said. :)
  • [4:00] The things that contributed to me rethinking some things and recording this episode.
  • [9:00] Why a growth mindset is so powerful and needed.
  • [14:50] The momentum that comes from developing a growth mindset.

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Episode 47 (my thoughts about self awareness)

BOOK: Mindset by Carol Dweck

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