Helping New Agents Get their First Deal - Episode 102Are you a new Real Estate Agent? Today on the Onion Juice Podcast I want to help you overcome the fear of getting your first deal. Do you know which activities are the best for you to focus on right now? Are you starting to feel discouraged or like you’re failing? You can do this! Listen to this episode to get some clarity, some exact things you should do to get that first deal, and a personal pep talk!

Focus on your tasks and not the results

New agents can easily become discouraged when they don’t see the results they are hoping for. On this episode, I encourage you to start out by focusing on your tasks and not the results. I also get specific about which tasks are worth your time and energy, and which are not revenue producing and should be left for later. In the beginning, your efforts will outweigh your results. But then there will be a tipping point where your results outweigh your efforts. Listen in and start focusing on the tasks that will be the most effective in helping your business get started.

Open houses are the best way for new agents to get deals

The best way to get a deal today is open houses. You want to get into the stream of buyers, and an open house is the way you can do it without spending a lot of money. On this episode, I tell you why I love open houses so much and give you some ideas for the things you can do to get business from them. Listen to today’s podcast to find out how to get started on open houses and other activities that will set you up for a great start to your business.

A buyer wants a house, a seller wants an agent

Even though this podcast episode is mostly about getting buyers, I have to say something about getting listings as well. The challenge is overcoming the fear of listings and setting yourself up to be a listing agent. But you can be a listing agent. Believe it and don’t be afraid to be new. On this episode, I share a story about a time when I got a listing even though I had less expertise than the other on the client’s list. Listen in to discover how you can be a listing agent, even when you are new.

New Real Estate agents should focus on their chase pillar

If you’ve been around the Onion Juice Podcast for long, you know we are all about being a media company that happens to sell Real Estate, and that we want to attract business instead of just chasing it. But for new agents, the chase is essential. The sphere of influence and the attract pillars take time to bring results. Listen to today’s episode to find out why it is necessary to focus on the chase and then add the other pillars after your business gets going.

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:15] Today’s topic: helping that brand new agent with getting their first deal.
  • [1:51] Focus on your tasks and not the results.
  • [3:22] Thank you to our sponsors, and Easy Agent Pro.
  • [4:38] Roundbox Coaching: Build a clear, consistent, and congruent plan.
  • [6:56] Focus on the tasks that will produce income. Leave other “fun” tasks for later.
  • [10:08] Reasons why open houses are better than internet leads for a new agent.
  • [11:41] Think about getting listings, not just buyers.
  • [14:06] Overcoming the fear of getting listings.
  • [16:39] There is power behind networking. Be patient with the time it takes to build trust.
  • [18:07] Just being out there will help you.
  • [19:19] Ask around the office for leftover leads. Work out a 50/50 deal with them. Working for less is better than nothing.
  • [19:47] Post evidence of success on social media.
  • [20:17] You need to believe you can do this, and you need to be 100% responsible. [22:53] Brand new agents have to do chasing.
  • [24:18] The reason I love open houses is because it’s the cheapest way in.

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