Handling Rejection, Hosting Your Best Open House and Planning For Success: Neil Answers Your Real Estate Questions at The Juice Bar - Episode 118Welcome back to the Juice Bar! This is my Q&A session of the Onion Juice Podcast where I answer your real estate questions. On this episode, I’ll be answering questions about agents with ego, handling rejection, and how to plan your most successful open house. I will also give you a few tools you can use as a real estate agent that will help you be successful! Thanks to all of the agents who submitted questions, you guys are awesome! Remember, the juice bar is open every 10th episode, so you can go back and ear-guzzle the previous episodes to hear questions other realtors have submitted, and submit your own questions for future episodes!

The tide raises all ships

As a real estate agents, we want to be successful, but it is easy to let that success go to our heads. I have encountered a number of agents that develop a large ego after attaining a measure of success. Instead of staying humble, these agents elevate themselves over others and usually operate with a scarcity mentality or the mentality that they will not share success because they have to “protect what is theirs.” I think that this mentality ultimately hurts the real estate industry and causes division between agents. Contrastly, operating with an abundance mindset means that there is room for everyone to succeed. If you are working alongside someone who has lost focus on growing together, I would encourage you to continue running your own race. Stay focused on how you want to practice generosity and encouragement. These are the things that will sustain your success long-term. Check out this section of the episode to learn more.

As an agent, how can I deal with rejection?

Many agents struggle with the feeling of being rejected or passed over for a real estate deal. It can crush your spirits and cause you to feel disheartened about your work. I have been in that position many times myself, so I would offer this advice to realtors struggling to maintain confidence through rejection. First off, remember that you are not entitled to anyone’s business. You may be running ads, paying for leads and spending a lot of time looking for new leads. This can lead to a feeling of entitlement, and when that expectation is not met, it turns into frustration. Secondly, I would advise you not to let your successes or rejections become your identity. I have put together a list of resources that you can use to build your confidence and help you handle rejection, as it relates to being a real estate agent. To get your hands on those resources, text the word “strength” to 44222.

How can I drive traffic to my open-house events?

Open-house events are a terrific way to network with people, build trust and create a list to reference later. First off, some of you may just need to be more consistent with hosting open houses. Once or twice a month may feel like a lot, but you may need to host one everyone weekend, depending on your goals. You can also adopt a joint-marketing approach by partnering with other realtors to show several listings. You can host a “poker run,” where your guests travel to five different properties. At each place, your guests receive a playing card, and at the end, whoever has the best hand wins a prize. Jason Frazier also suggests offering a bottle of wine as a free raffle item to your guests. Once the open house is over, you can reach out to the winner with the prize! This is a great way to build trust and likability. It’s important to remember also that there may be multiple buyers who attend your event, so having other options available if the one you are showing sells is a smart idea. I have used an old-school approach and actually knocked on the doors of other houses in the neighborhood, to see if anyone is interested in listing. If you are hoping to up your game in this area, check out this episode! You can also check out episode #101, which focuses just on open houses.

I am on a budget, should I start with the Roundbox Coaching Program or buy an Easy Agent Pro website first?


The best answer is…it depends! (as my good friend TJ Kelly would say!) Both Roundbox and Easy Agent Pro offer tremendous value to real estate agents, so I would start out by saying if you really want to expand your business, you should consider both long-term. If you are just starting out selling real estate, and you don’t have a clear idea or plan as to the direction you want your business to go, I would love to help you get started. Once we have that plan in place, you will need a place to send your leads and gather information, which is where the Easy Agent Pro website comes in.

Outline of this great episode

  • [6:00] Welcome back to the juice bar
  • [11:00] Question #1: What approach should we take when dealing with another agent’s inflated ego?
  • [18:15] Question #2: How can agents deal with rejection and lack of confidence?
  • [27:30] Question #3: How can I drive traffic to my open houses?
  • [33:00] Question #4: How can I get more client reviews for my website?
  • [36:30] Question #5: Should I invest in Roundbox coaching or an Easy Agent Pro website first?

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