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It’s great to have you landing on this show notes page for episode 19: “Why YOU need to play a game nobody else is playing!” I’m Neil, and I’m humbled to have you along on this movement to change the status quo of the Real Estate industry. So, what’s this all about, playing games that nobody else is playing? It really means finding an opportunity that you can capitalize on that your competitors have not caught onto – yet. Do you see what I’m saying? They WILL find it in time. But if you can find it first and establish yourself there, you’ve got the high ground. On this episode I’m going to talk about how you can do that by building a “media company” that also sells Real Estate, and other ways as well.


It’s a busy world out there in Real Estate circles.


You know what I’m talking about. Zillow. REATLOR.com Those sites are FLOODED with REATLORs who are trying to break through the noise so they can be noticed. But think about that for a second… if you’re in a noisy room and are trying to be heard, what do you have to do? You have to talk louder – and louder – and LOUDER until somebody hears you. When it comes to doing that in a business or sales context, that’s what turns people off these days. What can you do instead? Find the playgrounds that your competition is not in. Find the places you can be the expert relatively easily and BECOME that expert. I’m going to give some examples of how you can do that, on this episode of Onion Juice.


A great example of niching-down to find a great opportunity.


I’ve been playing around with a new social media platform lately: it’s Snapchat. You may not have even heard about it yet, and that’s EXACTLY why I’m excited about it. I’ve only been on Snapchat for a short time and I’m already getting some significant leverage there as a Real Estate expert. Why? Because there aren’t many other REATLORs on the platform yet. I’m staking a claim for myself, and it’s fairly easy to do. This podcast is the same way. There may be lots of Real Estate Agents doing podcasts, but not nearly as many as there are on Zillow or all those other places. That’s part of what I believe is contributing to the success of Onion Juice. I’m going to give you some encouragement to create your own version of an unused playground, on this episode.

The “fun” you can find in playing in unique spots that others haven’t discovered.


I’m having so much fun doing this podcast thing. I didn’t have a clue about how to do it well when I first started but the learning has been a blast. That’s what happens when you step into a new area with a sense of wonder, excitement, and eagerness to discover some new turf where you can plant your flag. Creativity comes alive. Vision gets clear. Excitement and fun come back to your business. You can grind it out day after day making calls and setting appointments. That’s great for what it is. But sometimes the change you make by forging ahead into new territory is what gives you the spark to try some new things that could open new doors of possibility. Listen in to this episode to find some ways you can do that.


What if you’re not the “type” to build your own media company (like I’m doing).


You know, it’s entirely possible that you don’t see yourself as the creative or “media” type. If we were sitting across a cup of coffee from each other I might argue with you about that, but for now, I’ll admit it’s entirely possible. What do you do then? You know, you don’t have to build a media company that happens to sell Real Estate. You can break new ground in other ways. Look around you and notice: what are the places where your colleagues are NOT active. Is there a way you can slip into that niche or community and begin to establish a presence? Is there a way you could build relationships there as the “go to guy” when it comes to Real Estate? I’m sure there is, if you just start looking. I’ve got a section at the end of today’s show especially for you, to challenge you to find that place and get busy.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My introduction to this episode and my thanks to all of YOU!
  • [1:21] A potential sponsor for the podcast and some perks it might provide.
  • [2:38] Would you do me the favor of rating and reviewing the show on iTunes?
  • [3:33] What is the benefit of starting your own podcast show as a REATLOR?
  • [4:55] It’s about leveraging new opportunities that few others see.
  • [7:19] The fun behind media and how it leverages your business opportunities.
  • [8:53] How long to “try it” before throwing in the towel, and giving up too soon.
  • [10:58] How you can play where nobody else is playing even if you don’t think being a “media company” is for you: Find places where there are few other REATLORs.
  • [13:04] How this relates to your advertising: the kind you do and the places you do it.
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