Juicers, today we are going to take a hard look at the areas of your life and business that have been affected by fear, and how you can find the courage to move forward. I have listened to the thought “this might not work” over and over, I’ve struggled with days were no deals closed, the effort far outweighed the results, and the expenses were more than the income. Some of you are living this life right now, and it’s crushing your spirit and killing your joy. When the last of your courage is spent and you want to toss in the towel, what can you do? Join me for this hard-hitting, honest conversation…I think you will find it helpful.

How do we find the courage to keep going when we want to give up?

This last week, I have been resting on courage. The word has come up in several conversations and emails. The question that has been on my mind is this: How do we find the courage to keep going when we want to give up? Seth Godin wrote “At some level, “this might not work” is at the heart of all important projects, of everything new and worth doing. And it can paralyze us into inaction, into watering down our art and into failing to ship.” So, how do we find the courage to overcome this? We borrow it.

Borrowing Courage

If fear is paralyzing you from moving forward, I want to offer a couple of solutions. The first is the idea of borrowing courage. There have been so many moments when I did not think being an agent was going to work out. I was stressed, angry, desperate, you name it…and yet, in a moment of grace, there has always been someone to pull me aside to encourage me and tell me I had what it takes, to let me borrow some of their courage until I could find my own. I eventually did, and now it is available if you need it. If you are listening to this episode, and you need to borrow courage, please reach out to me!

Focus on the vision, not your needs

I have talked about the concept this on previous episodes, but I feel this is a great time to mention it again. If you are living according to your needs, you will always be stressed and always scrambling to meet those needs. That is no way to live. I encourage you to live according to a vision. For me, I have to remember, especially on “bad realtor days,” that my clients or deals are not my sources of provision. My faith reminds me to look to God, the true source of my provision. I never want to forget how I am blessed and taken care of, and that is, in part, the vision I live my life by.

Do you have the courage to ask for help?

Simon Sinek says “To overcome our challenges, all that is required is the courage to ask for help.” I know that for many agents, this is the hardest thing to do. We are expected to know everything, especially if you have been an agent for more than a few years. This last year, I have made a habit of asking questions, and it has been an empowering experience! I have been a real estate agent for seventeen years, and there are still situations that arise that I am not sure how to handle. The idea of “fake it till you make it” is terrible advice…all it really takes is the courage to ask for help.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:45] Thank you for all the feedback on the last few episodes!
  • [2:15] I want to talk to you! Reach out, we can schedule a conversation
  • [3:30] Resting on courage
  • [4:00] Fear prevents us from moving forward
  • [4:30] Seth Godin: “At some level, this “might not work…”
  • [6:15] The tipping point
  • [10:15] Focus on vision and worry less about your needs
  • [11:15] The entitlement trap
  • [13:15] Asking for help is one of the hardest things realtors struggle with
  • [15:15] “Fake it till you make it” is horrible advice
  • [16:15] Commanding fear to leave is a great way to build courage
  • [16:45] Roundbox is morphing into boot camps

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