Bad Media? Can There Be Such A Thing? - Episode 121On this episode I am going to say something and that you probably thought you would never hear me say. There is such a thing as bad media. As the social media landscape changes, our approach to social media has to change with it. In this episode, I am going to walk you through some of the changes I have made and why I think that the things I’ve done in the past won’t actually have the same beneficial impact they had back when I first did them. It’s a surprising episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure you guzzle the juice on this one.

A couple of examples of “bad media” publication and how these guys made incredible changes that are making a difference

I don’t mean to throw anyone under the bus and the guys I’m going to talk about on this episode know that that’s not what I’m doing. In fact, they agree with me entirely about the things I’m going to say. Here’s the scoop: some of the agents I coach used to do a daily Facebook LIVE show that highlighted current issues. Their hope was that they would get exposure and find potential clients through those daily interactions. But it simply didn’t work. It wasn’t targeted enough and it wasn’t aligned with a cause that would enable them to pull in a specific audience. One of those guys has now adjusted his approach to focus on Veterans and things are beginning to take off. Find out how you can make the tweaks to your media approach that will bring you greater success, on this episode.

Instead of just putting out content, we have to be putting out the RIGHT content for our audience. And we may need to target an entirely new audience!

Every real estate agent can serve every buyer or seller. That is the basic fact of the way the real estate industry works. But not every agent SHOULD be serving every buyer or seller. The reason is, there are people out there with specific needs and interests who are looking for someone with those interests in mind to be their agent. When you are able to center your media efforts around a certain type of buyer or seller and focus all of your media content on that specific demographic, you are able to build momentum like never before. Find out some of the ways that successful agents are making it happen. on this episode.

Media efforts that were working 2 years ago could be adding to the noise now. Find out how to make tweaks to your approach to fit your audience better

I first got the idea that being a media company that happens to sell real estate was the way to go when I began doing my Monday trivia game. I got tons of interaction with the game, it was a lot of fun for everyone involved, and I sold 30 to 40 houses per year from the leads I got interacting with people through the game. But I’m not certain that approach would work today. It’s too broad and it doesn’t focus on attracting a specific group of people. In this episode, I walk through some of the approaches I’ve seen work and why I’ve changed my focus to a very niche, specific type of customer – the trailing spouse.

If you can’t find a cause to champion that you can focus your media around, you’re publishing bad media

If you have never heard episode 3 of this podcast I want you to go back and listen to it as soon as you stop listening to this episode. The Reason? In that episode, I talked about the importance of championing a cause and the concept is still at the foundation of everything I do when it comes to publishing media. When you publish media that is not focused around a cause, you are publishing what I consider to be bad media. It’s media that is taking up lots of your time but not getting you anywhere because it doesn’t attract the specific people you should be attracting. In this episode, I’m going to explain to you how you can avoid the bad media trap.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:34] Why it’s important that we consider whether our media efforts are bad media
  • [6:27] Neil’s first taste of being a media company – and what he said then
  • [7:50] Why it’s important to have some REASON or CAUSE behind your media
  • [12:23] Why the media efforts that worked 2 years ago are just adding to the noise today

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