I want you to start living your life according to a vivid vision! Hey juicers, on this episode, I share a powerful concept that will help you stay focused on the vision that drives your company, not just the immediate needs that pop up. The difference is subtle, but the result is remarkable! Listen to this OJ episode to start living according to your vision!

Are you living by a vision or by your needs?

Most of us are used to responding to needs and do everything we can to meet those needs as they arise. This is not inherently bad, those things absolutely need to be addressed, but at what cost? This endless cycle is one reason why people never step into their true purpose. Barry Bennett makes the point that most inventions, scientific advancements, and dramatic accomplishments were done by people who didn’t focus on their need, but rather on something that motivated them. The same is true for how you live your life.

The fires will bow to the vision

Focusing on your needs instead of living according to a grander vision is like running around to put out a bunch of small fires. As long as you are only living to meet your needs, your focus will constantly be on those fires. This is stressful and often means many people never reach their full potential. When you live according to a vision, the fires bow to that vision. It’s fun to work on the things we love, right? We find we have more creativity and passion and energy, things that are usually lacking when we are stressed about meeting the immediate needs in front of us. I am positive there are greater things for you to achieve…stop chasing fires and start chasing your vision!

The abundance mindset

A few episodes ago, I mentioned the abundance mindset vs. the scarcity mindset. I bring it up again because it applies to this concept. If you are just focused on your needs, it’s easy to get into a scarcity mindset. Left unchecked, this scarcity mindset can creep in and affect how you plan for growth, how you hire new team members and undermine your generosity towards others. The opposite is true of the abundance mindset. When the vision is your primary focus, it is easier to understand that the tide raises all ships. You then can lead with creativity and passion. It’s all about the vision. Vision is future, needs are present.

Write down a vivid vision, then move towards it

Here’s what I encourage you to do: write down a vivid vision, then move towards it. This is the critical first step you have to take before you can focus your life and begin to see the abundance that is associated with pursuing that vision. If you are thinking “what does a vivid vision look like,” start by writing down what you want your life to look like in 3-5 years. How old will you be? How old will your children be? What do you want your sales volume to be for your company? How many team members do you plan to have? These are all great places to start. Once you get this stuff written down, figure out what your three pillars will be, then focus your attention solely on those three pillars. Remember, the results of your life are found in the actions you take.

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:30] Are you living by a vision or living by your needs?
  • [6:00] Neil’s inspiration for this episode
  • [8:00] Working on the three pillars
  • [10:30] Vision is future, needs are present
  • [12:15] Working on a vision stimulates creativity
  • [14:30] Write down a vivid vision, then move towards it

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