Giving your real estate clients what they really want is a much better way to do business than just cold calling them to “stay in the loop.” This week on the OJ, we are going to take a closer look at what it means to provide value (even when you don’t have a house to sell yet), and why you NEED to be operating in a plan that is congruent with your strengths. If you are a new listener, or you have been a member of the OJ nation for a while, this episode delivers some powerful action steps you can start implementing today!

Giving consumers what they want

I know you have all used the lame follow-up call to stay connected to your clients. You know, the one where you call and say “ Hey, I just wanna stay in the loop.” You know it sounds lame, your clients know it’s lame, and there is little chance they will call you back. I wouldn’t call you back…YOU wouldn’t call you back. No value has been given, so they don’t have a reason to engage. Instead, I use this approach. “Hey it’s Neil, I just found out about a brand new listing that goes on the market Monday, and I think it’s a perfect match for what you are looking for,” I say it with excitement in my voice, and wait for them to call me back. Usually, the wait is not very long…

What to do instead of cold calling?

My friends Mark asked me this week, “is cold calling really the best way to generate leads?” Mark is hearing from several people that successful real estate agents just have to cold call clients. I disagree. Mark, what you need is a plan that is congruent to you and your strengths. Instead of cold calling as your chase pillar, I think that Open houses, Facebook Ads and Internet leads are a better way to get warm leads. Our goal is to use these platforms to generate search criteria, then you can go find what they are looking for.

How can I provide value to consumers if I don’t have a house to offer?

A few of you have asked, “what else can we do to provide value if we don’t have a house yet?” The short answer is to figure out what they need and provide that. Are your buyers pre-approved yet? If not, connect them to your mortgage guy. Since most realtors will do this, it’s nothing special. A better question to ask is if they are a first time home buyer? If they are, connect them to someone who offers first-time buyers home grants! That’s a rockstar move. Maybe they need to sublet an apartment before they buy a house…you can post on your Facebook followers that a client has an apartment available. This leverages your connections and offers value to the client. As you gain experience, you will start to collect a network of contractors, trash removal guys, estate sale companies, cleaners, even pet adoption agencies. At some point, a client of yours will need one of these services. This is how you can provide value before you hand them the keys to a new house.

The cool kids

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Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] Let’s keep giving consumers what they want
  • [1:30] Stop the lame follow-up call
  • [3:15] The boot camps have started!
  • [3:30] Mark: “Cold calls are not the best use of my time, but everyone says they are”
  • [5:00] You need to work in a plan that is congruent to you
  • [8:00] Our goal is to generate search criteria, then you can go find what they are looking for
  • [9:45] Cultivate calls
  • [10:45] What else can we do to provide value to our clients?
  • [15:15] Leverage your contact list
  • [21:45] Checkout the Neil Mathweg Coaching Facebook page

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