A real estate agent’s sphere of influence is one of their most important professional assets. Handled well, this relational network can become a lead generating powerhouse, fueling your real estate business for years (even decades!). But building your sphere of influence is more than a tactic or strategy: it’s learning how to build authentic, professional relationships with real people. On this episode, I will share 7 tips you can use to connect to your sphere of influence, even when you have nothing to say!

Events, surveys, and “home sold” alerts, Oh my!

Tip #1: Planning an event is a great way to connect with your sphere of influence, and if done correctly, gives you a reason to talk to them up to three times! You can call them to invite them, talk to them at the event, then call afterward to thank them for attending. If planning the event seems like the hard part, remember that the whole thing can be planned in under five minutes…seriously! Call a restaurant and tell them you want to host an event during happy hour. Create a special order item that is named after your business (be creative…imagine patrons and bartenders shouting out the name of your company back and forth…), then order appetizers. Done!

Tip #2: Another tip you can leverage is to create a survey, then call your clients. If I did this, here are the three questions I would ask – 1. If you were looking for a house, where would you go? 2. If you were to refer an agent, who would you call? 3. Do you know anyone looking to buy or sell a house?

Tip #3: Have you ever thought about calling your clients and asking them if they would like to receive “Home Sold” alerts? It’s a great way to stay connected to your sphere of influence and provides useful information. This also allows you to make sure your email database is up to date. Once they agree, you can automate this process to send them emails every time a house in their neighborhood sells.

Create a VIP Club on Facebook

Tip #4: Everyone loves the idea of being a VIP, right? Reach out to your clients and ask them if they are on Facebook. Once you have found their profiles, add them to a private VIP group. This Facebook group is designed to cater to them and make them feel appreciated. One idea you can use is to buy a Starbucks gift card, then take a picture of it and post it in the feed. Tell the VIP’s it’s first come, first serve until the card is all used up. You can also post pictures of useful items that your clients may need that they can reserve! If any of you do this, I would love to hear what creative ideas you come up with to serve your clients!

Newsletters and good old-fashioned phone calls

Tip #5: You all know, I am a huge fan of newsletters! If you don’t have the resources to produce a paper one you send via snail mail, an E-Newsletter is a great alternative! Besides a reason to update your email list, you should call your clients and ask if they want to start receiving it!

Tip #6: This tip may not work for everyone, just depending on your comfort level…Call or text your clients and tell them that the market in your area is up, and you need listings! Ask them if they are looking to sell, or if they know someone who is. It’s straightforward but effective!

You are a media company…but do your real estate clients know that?

Tip #7: One of the ways I build likability and trust is the I Love Madison podcast. It’s a fun show that highlights all the great things about Madison, the city where I live and work. My hope is that people will get to know me through that show, and remember me when they need a real estate agent. I recently found out that only about 5% of my sphere of influence from my real estate business even knows the I Love Madison podcast exists! If you are a media company that happens to sell real estate, call your sphere and tell them about it! Ask them to follow your social media, listen to your podcast or watch your YouTube channel!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] What to say to your sphere of influence when you have nothing to say
  • [2:45] #1 – plan an event
  • [5:00] #2 – Create a survey
  • [6:00] #3 – Setup Home Sold alerts
  • [7:00] #4 – Create a VIP club on Facebook
  • [8:15] #5 Start an E-newsletter
  • [9:00] #6 – Call or text, say that the market is up and you need listings!
  • [10:45] #7 – You are a media company…but do your real estate clients know that?
  • [16:45] You should contact your sphere at least twice a year, here’s how
  • [18:30] I would love to be your coach – check out roundbox coaching!

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