If you have ever googled “how do I manage my time,” you probably know what time blocking is…if not, just imagine you break your day up into 1-hour blocks, then assign a task for each hour. Great strategy, right? Since this is the Onion Juice, and we do things differently here, I want to share with you a better way to manage your time and tasks. I have been using this system with great results! Listen to this episode to learn how day-blocking can help you maximize your workday productivity!

Setting up your daily schedule shouldn’t take all day

You have great intentions to organize your day into time blocks. If you can carve out the time to organize your daily schedule, you are further ahead in the game than most people. I used to organize my schedule in blocks, but I found it didn’t take long for unexpected meetings and conversations to cut into that time, throwing my whole day off. Ever been there? Of course! This is when I discovered day-blocking.   

Why I switched to day-blocking

Scheduling every hour of every day was tough, and it didn’t take long before that process seemed to be taxing and tedious. I didn’t always make good choices in this practice, and soon realized I was not alone in this process. So I changed it. Here is the new system I use every week: On Mondays, I call all of my hot leads. Tuesdays I call all of my clients to give them an update on where we are in the process, be that transaction details, listing details listing or any new listings on the MLS. On Wednesday, I contact my top 25. These are my referral partners or other people I am collaborating with. Thursdays are spent on the phone with my entire client list, organized by the alphabet. By the end of the year, every client has received at least two phone calls from me. On Fridays, I look over expired listings and the most recent posts on the MLS for my b-list clients.

Managing my sphere of influence and the chase

This schedule works well, but you might be wondering how I manage all of the other projects, like this podcast, the I Love Madison Show, the other agents I work with in real estate and a social media presence.

Every Monday, I promote the latest episode of the onion juice, as well as the I love Madison show. This means that I am scheduling tweets and facebook posts and sharing the content.  Mondays are also when I meet with my real estate team. Tuesdays are my newsletter day. I use service for life and have been incredibly happy with the results. On Wednesday, I record the I Love Madison Show. Thursday is used to record the Onion Juice podcast, before sending it off to the editing team. Friday is my video production or Youtube day.  

If you want to grow, hire up  

The reason I can manage so many things at once is because I hire up and automate where I can. After recording the podcast episodes, I turn the audio over to Podcast Fast Track, where they prep the audio and write (these) show notes. Many of the social media posts can be automated and scheduled, which saves time. Eventually, I will hire someone to help me promote the podcast episodes as they publish each week. This is how I hire up! Your schedule and activities will look different, of course, but the principle is the same.      

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:30] The day-blocking strategy
  • [5:00]  Sponsors of the OJ
  • [11:00] How I plan my week
  • [13:45] Hiring up

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