Onion Juice is the new thing to drink in the Real Estate business. It’s different, it’s fresh (really, it is) simply because it’s a drink that gets attention from the people you really need to notice you. Of course, I’m not talking about literal onion juice, I’m talking about my approach to making your real estate business more noticeable and more effective. On this episode I’m going to pull back the curtain on my own direct response letters that I sent to people who had expired listings on the MLS. It was very effective and it’s an approach that I think will make a great difference for you if you apply it. Listen to this episode to find out how.


Approach expired listings the Onion Juice way.


Everybody who’s sending letters to people with expired real estate listings is approaching them in the same way. They’re telling why they are the best agent to choose, what they’ve been able to accomplish for others who’ve had expired listings, how they are different from the competition. That’s the same old blah-blah-blah that sellers are used to hearing. I wanted to approach those people in a different way – to get their attention and to stand out from the crowd – and my approach proved to be very effective. I call it the Onion Juice way, and you’re going to hear exactly how I did it, on this episode.


What you need to do when you market to expired listings.


Forget about touting your own success or stats when you approach people with expired real estate listings. They’ve heard it all before. Instead, give them something of value, something that shows them that you care about them as an individual and their situation – even if they don’t choose you to be their new real estate agent. On this episode of Onion Juice I’m going to give you the steps I took to provide that kind of value and tell you the amazing results I had.

People don’t care how much you know… they really don’t.


You’ve heard the old saying, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” It may be a tired old saying but it’s absolute truth. Tatoo it on your forehead, or maybe inside your eyelids (ouch). What I’m saying is that you’ve got to remember that people need to know that you care about them first (and you DO care about them first, don’t you?). If you don’t take that approach then your direct marketing efforts are going to blend in with what everyone else is doing, and you’ll get lost in the crowd. You’re going to hear my take on how to do this in your real estate business, on this episode of Onion Juice.


Why you have to give people something of value before they will reach out to you.


The simple reason is this: people are scared of being “sold.” The old way of selling has really hurt people – made them feel pushed and uncared-for. You want to be different. You want to show people that you are not the same-old-same-old salesman. So when you send a direct marketing piece you want to offer something of value, free of charge, that they can get and use and find help from, even without having to directly contact you. When you do that you’ll prove that you care about them regardless of whether they use you as their agent… and guess what? They’ll lean toward using you as an agent as a result. Find out how I did this exact thing, on this episode of Onion Juice.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] My preview of this episode.
  • [1:40] How you can get my 2-step listing process.
  • [2:37] What do I mean by an “expired mailing” program?
  • [3:40] My different approach to those with expired listings.
  • [6:17] What people found when they went to my website.
  • [7:55] The beauty of the various ways you can drive people to your sales funnel.
  • [9:05] My mindset behind the letters I sent out.
  • [10:00] Why you have to give people something before you expect them to reach out to you.
  • [11:47] How you can connect with me to discuss this or anything else.

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