The Broke Agent

The Broke Agent

Hey, I’m so glad you’re back to check out another episode of the Onion Juice podcast. This one’s a bit outside the box, and if you know me at all, you know I like it that way. Today I’m talking with two guys who have truly pushed the envelope of what Real Estate agents are doing online by posting real, raw, honest conversations that stimulate interaction. Who are they? It’s Wes and Eric, the guys behind The Broke Agent, a Real Estate company that is on the leading edge of using social media to move their business forward. If you’re struggling to know how to use social media effectively for your Real Estate business, you’ve got to hear how these guys approach it.


Don’t be THAT guy… the one who comes into the party and talks about himself.


You’ve been at that kind of party before, where somebody immediately starts talking about themselves and what they do for a living and turns off everyone in the room. It’s funny how in social environments we can see it for what it is… being a boor. But on social media we often lose sight of the fact that WE are doing the same thing. Don’t be that guy. Don’t be that real estate agent. On this episode Eric and Wes from The Broke Agent are going to talk about the mistakes they see real estate agents making on social media and give some simple tips to change that persona and turn things around. This one is definitely worth your time.


These guys say the things that most Real Estate agents wish they had said.


Onion Juice is all about shaking up the real estate industry and today I’m talking with a couple of guys who are definitely doing that. Eric and Wes of The Broke Agent are talking honestly about the good, bad, and ugly of real estate and say things that I honestly wish had the guts to say, simply because it’s true. That kind of authenticity is giving the guys a great impact on the market and grabbing them quite a following on social media. On this episode you’re going to get a taste for what they’re doing and hopefully, hear some ways you can adjust your approach to social media to make your business get a lot more engagement that leads to clients.

You don’t want just any clients.


Eric and Wes of The Broke Agent believe that it’s actually detrimental to your business if you take every client that comes your way. Why? Because the clients you take on simply because you want the business typically turn out to be the ones that give you the most headaches, are the most demanding and unreasonable, and oftentimes the ones that leave you high and dry after you’ve put in a ton of effort on their behalf. The guys suggest that you do a great job of positioning yourself as WHO YOU ARE so that you attract the clients that are looking for someone just like you. If you want to hear more of what they mean by that, be sure to listen. These guys have a lot of smarts about this stuff.


Facebook’s OK for Real Estate agents, but Twitter and Instagram rock!


The guys from The Broke Agent are doing an incredible job of building engagement on their social media platforms and getting lots of attention and clients from the deal, but even they aren’t having all the great of a time on Facebook. The reason is that there’s not as much opportunity for engagement in the way the platform’s algorithms work. You also can’t search for things as effectively on Facebook… but on Instagram and Twitter, the platforms are all about conversations and Wes and Eric are discovering that most of their interaction and leads are coming from those two. Find out more about what they’re doing to be so successful, on this episode of Onion Juice.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:00] A quick introduction to today’s guests, the guys from “The Broke Agent.”
  • [1:35] My introduction to Eric and Wes from the Broke Agent.
  • [2:20] A quick background of what “The Broke Agent” is all about.
  • [5:03] The results of the guys’ efforts on social media.
  • [10:29] How vulnerability creates attraction and what the guys are learning about social media trends.
  • [14:00] Why Wes and Eric are paying attention to their social platforms.
  • [16:19] How the guys formulate their content to create better engagement.
  • [21:30] Why you don’t want just any clients.
  • [25:35] Why Facebook doesn’t hold up to Twitter and Instagram.
  • [30:20] What kind of time do the guys spend on their blog posts?
  • [32:55] How to connect with The Broke Agent guys.


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