Ep 31 Album coverIf you haven’t noticed for yourself, YouTube is the place to be! Everyone uses YouTube, even my toddler! That’s why in this episode, I’m picking real estate agent Bucky Beeman’s brain to find out his insights on the YouTube phenomenon and how to utilize it. Bucky says YouTube is fast on its way to taking over the cable industry. That’s HUGE! That’s why he’s decided recently to double down his efforts to make a powerful presence on YouTube. And there’s plenty of room for improvement for the way the real estate industry has been using this tool so far.


Make your videos entertaining and educational. (Yes, even real estate videos can be entertaining!)


If your videos are not entertaining, you’ll notice it when you look at your ratings. You don’t necessarily have to be a funny guy to be entertaining (though that’s definitely helpful). This episode of Onion Juice touches on how to keep your screen lively and dynamic, keeping things moving. Even though you may be simply repurposing the content you created for other platforms like snapchat or Twitter, you need to rethink it when it goes into a video, not just regurgitate it. People will come back to your videos or even subscribe to them if you’re offering them entertainment along with education.


Use YouTube to connect with people! It’s not just a search site anymore.


YouTube definitely started out as more of a search site, but it’s now showing signs of transforming into more of a social networking site. People find you on there and if they like what they see, they come back to your video series. They may even subscribe to it. That’s why it’s important to make and upload videos to it on a regular basis. Whether your niche is in residential or commercial real estate, or underwater basket weaving for that matter, learn how to make your video presence one that people will come back to time and again. You’ll connect with more people on YouTube than on Snapchat or Twitter.

Grab your audience’s attention first thing, and introducing yourself is NOT the way to do that.


Everyone likes to start their YouTube videos off by introducing themselves. “Hi, I’m so and so and this is such and such.” But the script is boring! No one cares who you are, at least not before they know you. In this episode, I tell about the best piece of constructive criticism I’ve received from a listener. She corrected me of starting out this way and taught me a much more effective way of grabbing my audience’s attention. Take a listen to learn what I learned from her. I’ll also tell you about a video of mine that got 1500 views in one day! It was successful because it was NOT self-promotional.


You can make awesome videos even if your technical prowess is pretty hillbilly like mine.


Near the end of this episode, Bucky Beeman and I talk about what sort of software and equipment we use. Turns out I’m pretty low-tech. I often rubberband my iPhone to my rearview mirror, stuff like that. Hey, it works great! Another resource you’ll want to use is the colleagues you have. Pool some like-minded folks together and start a “gear share.” That way everyone doesn’t have to have everything to make great videos. Here Bucky also talks about how he’s using interviewing locals in his area to help promote his town, which helps promote his real estate business.


Outline of this great episode


  • [0:24] Welcome to our discussion of how using videos and YouTube for marketing and networking!
  • [4:34] How YouTube is taking over the cable industry and what that means for us
  • [10:25] Entertainment and educational aspects of YouTube
  • [17:15] What has worked well for me in past videos.
  • [20:32] Some constructive criticism from a listener that helped my show a LOT!
  • [22:33] Discussions of equipment and editing software we use for video making.
  • [27:45] Promote your city, not yourself, and use drones!
  • [32:32] The benefits of interviewing people around your town about what they’re doing.
  • [37:15] Conclusion and information about how to find Bucky Beeman.


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