What One Thing Could You Do to Make Your Business Better?   - Episode 93This past week I had the opportunity to attend an amazing conference, the Escape Adulthood Summit. A question that they asked really stood out to me: “What one thing could you do that would make your business better?” Not six. Just one. On today’s episode, I’m going to talk with you about that question and my response to it, along with a few other things I learned at the conference and also during an interaction with my mentor. Join us to find the courage to be brave enough to follow through on the one thing you can do.

We just need to be brave enough.

Are you brave enough? Not brave enough to conquer the whole mountain, but brave enough for the next step? On this episode, I talk about this concept from the Escape Adulthood Summit and how it applies to the Real Estate businesses that we are trying to develop. I’m making the transition from CEO back into the trenches of selling Real Estate and will be sharing that journey with you on this podcast. Are you brave enough to make your business better? We can encourage one another to be brave enough for the next step on our journey.

If you don’t feel brave enough, you can borrow a little courage.

None of us feels brave all the time. When we don’t have the courage we need, we can borrow it from one another. On this episode, I describe this concept from the Escape Adulthood Summit and invite you to borrow a little courage from me by listening to this podcast and following my journey back into the selling side of Real Estate. We can all borrow courage from each other over on the Facebook group, too. So be sure to join us there! Tune in to today’s episode and borrow some courage.

You need to make a will

OK, I know that making a will doesn’t have anything to do with Real Estate. But my mentor (aka “The World’s Best Mentor”) recently got in my face about this. On this episode, I share what he said that jolted me into recognizing the importance of having a will, which I am now in the process of getting done. Listen to today’s podcast to learn not only a few things that will help you make your business better, but also why you need to get started on your will if you don’t already have one.

What are you worth per hour?

How much are you worth per hour? Are the tasks you are doing worth that amount of money? In a recent meeting with my mentor, we had a conversation about how to figure out what you’re worth per hour and how that figure can drive decisions about what you do with your time. On this episode, I share the details that we talked about. Listen in and then make sure that the tasks you are doing are worth your time!

Outline of this great episode


  • [0:26] Welcome to the Onion Juice Podcast!
  • [5:49] My last couple of weeks with the “world’s greatest mentor” and the Escape Adulthood Summit.
  • [8:15] Today’s focus: What is one thing we could do that would make our business better?  [9:12] Thank you to our sponsors: KnightBarry.com and EasyAgentPro.
  • [11:10] Roundbox Coaching program information.
  • [12:22] What is the one thing you can do to make your business better?
  • [16:29] “We just need to be brave enough.”
  • [17:55] Borrow a little courage from each other.
  • [19;59] You need to have a will.
  • [22:16] What are you worth per hour?
  • [24:02] Do one thing better to make your business better.


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