Today, the Onion Juice Podcast turns three years old! Episode 156…wow! Thanks to all of you who have made the OJ a regular part of your week, that means the world to me! Over the past three years, I have talked about a lot of different subjects, featured a lot of guests, and recorded so many fun moments. Today, I open up the juice bar for a few questions, and we go behind-the-scenes to talk about how I started the OJ, what the production looks like, and how I manage work, life, family, social media and the I Love Madison Show, all while still selling real estate!

Juice Bar: How do I manage the thought that I can’t start a youtube channel because a competitor is doing the same thing in my area

Nell, thanks for this question! You are looking at another real estate agent in your area who is (successfully) using YouTube to market his business, and that has convinced you that there is no more room in that space. First, I would encourage you to come up with a clear vision, then work inside that vision! After that, launch your channel! Pretend like that other agent does not even exist. Don’t watch his videos, they may just discourage you. The reality is, that agent does not have complete domination in your market. Focus on your voice and your brand, produce searchable content, and you will attract clients that want to work with you! There are a few OJ episodes you can listen to where I talk about YouTube best practices, check out the resources section for the links!

Juice Bar: What digital media provides the most ROI?

Some of you have asked, what social media platform provides the best RIO? I would say, it depends on where your sphere of influence is. For 75% of you, Facebook advertising is a great place to start. This is also the most trackable, as you will be able to tell exactly how much you spent for each lead you generated. In my coaching program, I walk you through exactly what campaigns I use on Facebook, so if that is an area you want to grow in, reach out! As many of you know, I am also a huge fan of LinkedIn. The other 25% of my clients come as a result of the relationships I have built on LinkedIn. I didn’t leave any room for Instagram, and there is a reason for that…

Behind-the-Scenes of the Onion Juice Podcast

Three years ago, some friends and I sat down to brainstorm ideas for a real estate podcast…The Onion Juice is the result of that conversation! When I first started, I was recording in my basement, with one mic and GarageBand. I would do all of the editing and production myself and hoped that the content I was producing was useful. After about 30 episodes, I purchased a better set of gear and set up a recording studio at the office. What used to take me all weekend to produce an episode now takes about 90 minutes…I plan my content the day before (sometimes), then hit record at 2:00 pm every Thursday like clockwork! After that, I send the audio to Podcast Fast Track, and those guys edit and post the finished product to my website!

The first trinket takes the longest

Several of you have asked “Neil, how do you manage everything, and still have time to sell real estate?” By everything, they mean The Onion Juice Podcast, the I Love Madison Show, selling houses, being a dad of three and a husband, and leading my team. The short answer is delegation. I have the most amazing team of people, from my two buyers agents, a part-time admin, my co-host Caleb Jahr (I Love Madison), and the Podcast Fast Track Team. I also work within a system. Everything I do has a system. The reality is, when I was first building these systems, they took a lot of time. The first trinket always does, but after you have used the system several times, you will find it gets easier and faster!

Outline of this great episode

  • [1:00] The podcast is three years old today!
  • [2:30] Juice Bar: How do I manage the thought that I can’t start a youtube channel because a competitor is doing the same thing in my area?
  • [6:00] Juice Bar: What digital media provides the most ROI?
  • [14:00] Juice Bar: How did you start the OJ?
  • [20:00] Behind-the-scenes: How the production works
  • [24:15] How do I manage everything on my plate?
  • [28:15] The first trinket takes the longest
  • [30:30] Neil Mathweg Coaching Program

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