Ladies and gentleman, it’s time to say goodbye to the Onion Juice Podcast. No, these tears are not from ACTUAL onion juice. It’s because this marks the end of an era. THANK YOU for helping me take something weird and make it popular. Of course, the podcast itself isn’t going anywhere. Just the name. So join me after the new year for the very first episode of Agent Rise with Neil Mathweg. But for now, enjoy the conclusion of the best of the Onion Juice Podcast!

Do not put attraction above sphere or chase

If you take a close look at who is liking and sharing your content online, you will find that less than 50% of your sphere of influence are the ones on Facebook or Youtube. Across all of my media platforms, most of the likes and comments come from photographers, videographers, and foodies. I love those guys, but they are not the ones who will be referring me or sending me leads. After over a year of hosting the I Love Madison Show, I JUST got two POSSIBLE leads that may turn into business. If I was relying on ILM for all my business, I would be starving. The vast majority of the clients I have worked with come from my chase pillar and my sphere of influence. If you don’t have a database, that’s where you need to start. An excel spreadsheet and a mailing list. Simple.

That time I told you to “Get Angry!”

You have an enemy that does not want you to succeed! That enemy only has power as long as you let fear run your life. That enemy wants to steal, kill and destroy everything that you are working on, and he uses fear to do it! To overcome that, it requires to get angry at the enemy (not at each other, mind you), call him out and strip him of his power! If that sounds like I’m preaching, good! You know best where fear has been given free reign in your life or business. Maybe it’s hiring a coach, or hitting a sales goal. As you eliminate fear, your confidence grows, and your way of thinking starts to shift.

Are you working in excellence?

I know there are STILL areas in your life and business where you are not doing all that you can do, you are not working in excellence. How do I know this? Because there are areas in MY life where I am taking the same approach. It’s not just a real estate thing, it’s a human thing. Often, we rest when we could be sowing seeds. Just because you sent an email or posted a new ad on Facebook does not mean you are done. Ask yourself, what do you want your “harvest” to look like? What do you need it to look like to see your life vision realized? Whatever picture you have in your head, you have to sow seeds accordingly and harvest accordingly.

Remember to ALWAYS be yourself

For real estate agents struggling to market themselves and attract more customers, Jason Kotecki said on Episode 109 that the key to success is to be your unique, authentic self. Instead of only thinking of yourself as an agent, remember that you are also an artist, and artists use their art to attract people. You’re thinking “dude, I can’t paint, and singing is an ABSOLUTE NO,” so how does that work? Jason reminded me that being yourself, allowing your personality and humor to shine is the best way to build relationships. “If you are watching and copying another person’s approach, chances are you are a second-rate version of the person you are copying, instead of a first-rate version of yourself,” he said. Take your JOB seriously, but don’t take YOURSELF so seriously.

  • [2:44] Don’t let your attraction become your distraction
  • [9:00] Dealing with the fear of success
  • [19:26] Don’t sleep during the harvest!
  • [25:26] How to have your YouTube breakthrough
  • [34:24] Seven reasons to call when you have no reasons to call
  • [46:24] How escaping adulthood can help you become more effective
  • [54:34] How we celebrated 100 Episodes of the Onion Juice Podcast

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