As we prepare to say goodbye to the Onion Juice Podcast, let’s take a stroll down memory lane at some of the best moments we’ve shared Juicers! I’m not gonna lie, I got a little teary-eyed putting the content together for this episode because it has been an incredible journey getting to this point. I am so thankful for every moment. From starting with a little microphone in a closet at my house to gaining great sponsors who believed in my vision enough to take a chance on this show and invest in the content production. And YOU! Onion Juice would be nothing without everyone who has listened and supported the podcast from day one. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best of the Onion Juice Podcast!

These guys said the things that most Real Estate agents wish they had said

Onion Juice was all about shaking up the real estate industry. On Episode 14, I spoke with a couple of guys who are definitely doing that. Eric and Wes of The Broke Agent talked honestly about the good, bad, and ugly of real estate and said things that I honestly wish I had the guts to say, simply because it’s true. That kind of authenticity has given the guys a great impact on the market as well as quite a following on social media. In this clip, you’re going to get a taste for what they’re doing and hopefully hear some ways you can adjust your approach to social media and help your business get a lot more engagement.

There are LOTS of realtors, but very few artists among them.

On Episode 35, I reminisced about listening to singer-songwriter Michael Shynes perform. I noticed that what made him really compelling was the little stories he told before each song. He pulled people in by sharing his story, sometimes some very personal and unflattering details about his past. That’s how you connect with people! Tell your story. People don’t want to listen to you promote your business, but if you can open up to them, let them know who you really are, that’s where powerful connections happen. A realtor can draw inspiration from the artist’s model on so many levels!

It sounds crazy to think that you CAN be 100% responsible

That’s what I first thought when I was handed a document from my mentor that told me that I was 100% responsible. I mean, there are things that happen in the world that I can’t control. Things that I can’t change. How can I be 100% responsible? You know, maybe 85% or something, but not 100%! I read through the document over and over and over – over the course of 8 months – and the truth of it began to sink in. The results that I want to see happen in my life are not dependent on anyone or anything besides me. I AM 100% responsible. So are you, my friend. It’s time for us to get over ourselves and start doing what only we can do. Relive this awesome moment from Episode 42!

You might feel like a failure because you are STILL comparing yourself to other agents

Yes, there are tried and true things that work in the real estate industry. But more and more these days they are becoming “tried and untrue.” That’s because the culture has changed and sales methods that used to work simply don’t appeal to the customers who we’re dealing with these days. That means you’ve got to adapt. You’ve got to quit looking at what other agents are doing to drive their success and determine who you are and what fits YOU. I’m convinced that as you learn who you are and begin operating in your areas of strength you’ll find the real estate business to be much more enjoyable and profitable.

  • [6:06] What was the idea behind the Onion Juice Podcast?
  • [11:18] Social media for real estate agents done right
  • [18:46] Why Snapchat is a game changer for the real estate industry
  • [28:05] Making real estate your art
  • [36:00] The power of Facebook Live
  • [44:55] What taking 100% responsibility can do for your real estate business
  • [50:50] Fighting failure as a new real estate agent

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