Talking in pictures: Snapchat Marketing with Chelsea Peitz - Episode 114Chelsea Peitz is a content creator,  author, and Snapchat pro! She has just launched her new book, “Talking in pictures – how Snapchat changed cameras, communication, and communities,” and joins us today on the onion juice to share how real estate agents can use camera-first platforms like Snapchat to build a brand and build trust through authentic relationships. Chelsea spent nine months documenting her own process of using camera-first social platforms to grow a business and establish a strong brand. The OJ nation knows we want to be companies that attract business, not chase it. Chelsea’s book and the tips she shares on this episode can help you do just that!

How Snapchat made it personal

At some point in the evolution of social media, the major platforms like Facebook and Instagram lost the personal connection. Perfection was the standard, even if it was content from a smaller company or an individual. If not for Snapchat, this trend may have continued. Chelsea said that the Snapchat platform has encouraged people to be authentic and relatable, even unscripted. In doing so, they have revitalized how people are connecting and sharing ideas and content. Events are being shared in real-time, groups are being formed around shared interests and networking feels more intentional. If you are unsure how Snapchat or other camera-first platforms can help you establish or grow your brand, you need to listen what Chelsea shares in is this episode!

Authenticity builds trust

For real estate agents and media companies, Snapchat offers an unpolished approach to networking and sharing content. This may seem counterintuitive to some, but Chelsea makes the point that people can’t relate to perfection. They can, however, relate to real people and real stories. If you are authentic online, clients will feel like they already know you when you meet face to face. This is a powerful way to build trust and create a great experience every single time.

The most underutilized marketing tool you have

Chelsea shows the same personality and interest in people on Snapchat as she does in person. She has not tried to make her brand look or feel more corporate, but instead shares life stories and advice and interacts with each of her followers. She feels that realtors and small business owners have an advantage over large brands because they can market a personality, not just a company. “Likeability is the most underutilized marketing tool we have,” Chelsea said.

The power of being vulnerable

So many people don’t understand the power of being vulnerable. People see the word and they run from it because they don’t understand it. As media companies who happen to sell real estate, we need to understand that being vulnerable makes it easier for people relate to us. I can say from personal experience, the social posts that have the most engagement are the ones where I am the most real or vulnerable. The reverse effect is also true. If people cannot relate to you or your story, they are less likely to support your cause or business. Chelsea mentioned that It takes time to get comfortable in front of a camera, but eventually you will get to a point where you feel you can open up to your audience on a more personal level. As you master these skills, you will attract more business and build deep, meaningful relationships, and THAT is a reason to smile today!

Outline of this great episode

  • [4:45] Neil introduces Chelsea Peitz
  • [6:30] Chelsea on launching her new book Talking in pictures – how snapchat changed cameras, communication and communities
  • [8:35] How Snapchap changed the social media game
  • [10:20] How to build authentic, caring relationships on social media
  • [11:45] Chelsea shares advice on how to launch a brand or personal business
  • [14:30] Relatability is the most valuable marketing tool you have
  • [17:45] The power of being vulnerable
  • [20:20] Chelsea shares highlights from her new book

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