After an amazing response to the last two episodes where I talked about overcoming fear, It’s time to dive deep and learn exactly how you can overcome the fear of success. For me, this process means renewing my mind and surrounding myself with people who, in faith, command fear to leave and claim the abundance that is made available to us! On this episode, I share some of my own story and what I do when fear tries to take over. I hope you find this one encouraging and empowering!

Fear is the reason you are not breaking through

Right now, many of you are struggling. You wrestle and grind and hustle and plan, but cannot seem to break through into something new, something abundant. Frustration sets in, doubt is the most familiar voice you know, anxiety your most loyal companion. Fear has taken hold of your heart an won’t let go. If you have the energy, maybe you fight back…if not, you coexist with this fear, and hope and pray to see more abundance and blessing in your life…

If I could sit inside your head for a day

When I was a young agent, there wasn’t much that scared me. When the recession hit in 2008, I experienced fear. Was the national as a whole in a panic, sure. But the real issue was taking place in my own head and heart. If i could sit inside your head for a day, I think I would see many of the same lies and thoughts that I had in that season. Fear is a liar, and too often, those lies are tailored to fit you perfectly. What can we do? How can we overcome fear and claim the abundant life that has been given to us? How do we live in blessing and abundance? It starts with renewing our minds.

Renewing your mind

In the Bible, there are 365 verses that tell us to not be afraid (If you want the list, let me know, I will send it to you). When fear starts to control our emotions, we must learn to command that fear to leave, through the authority given to us in Jesus Christ. When you look in a mirror, you can trust that the mirror is showing an accurate reflection of what you look like, right? With the same confidence and faith, you can trust that God’s peace is available to you, that he is working on your behalf. Renewing your mind means meditating on truth. Surround yourself with people who practice this. For me, there are a couple of practical things I do to renew my mind. The first thing, I listen to the teaching from a Christian minister from Colorado by the name of Andrew Wommack. He has several platforms that he teaches from, including a podcast and TV spots. His website is an amazing resource for faith-building, fear-crushing encouragement, and biblical teaching. The second thing I do is listen to Christian music. This helps me keep my mind focused on the right things, and launches me into an abundance mindset. “No Longer Slaves” by Bethel Music is a powerful anthem of truth, and one of my favorites. “Fear is a liar” by Zach Williams is another great song to help you renew your mind.

The Neil Mathweg coaching program

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Outline of this great episode

  • [1:15] Fear is the reason you are not breaking through
  • [5:30] 365 reasons to not fear
  • [7:00] Commanding fear to leave
  • [10:15] If I could sit inside your head for a day
  • [11:00] Renewing your mind
  • [14:15] I would love to talk to you about overcoming fear
  • [15:00] The Neil Mathweg Coaching Program

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